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Heart-breaking Christmas Party For Babies In Intensive Care

Christmas Party For Babies

December 14th, 2017   |   Updated on April 5th, 2024

In a powerful emotionally-filled Christmas gesture Santa Claus visited premature babies recuperating in the Neonatal Intensive Care facility of the Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston.

It turned out to be an adorable photo shoot. The infants in this hospital were dressed in red Santa hats and booties.

The photos displayed here are all of the newborn infants that were born prematurely before they could complete 37 weeks in the womb. All of them were here for specialized care. The visit enlivened the spirits of the moms having to visit the NICU each day.

These infants required the specialized care because they were at a high risk of neurological and physical disorders having been born prematurely.

There were 145 infants at this care facility among whom a handful of adorable babies struck a pose for the camera. They were hoping to visit their home for their first Christmas.

The appearance of Santa just about this time could have been the best gifts for them and their moms.

1. Adorable photos show babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) dressed in Santa costumes for the holidays

2. Baby Wyatt was born at 27 weeks weighing just two pounds and five ounces and is hoping to come home by February

3. Santa Claus stopped by Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston to bring some holiday cheer to the infants and their families

4. Because the infants were born before 37 weeks they require specialized care to assure they are healthy enough to go home

5. All the infants pictured were born premature and may be spending their first Christmas in the hospital

6. April Neal, 30, is pictured standing over her son Wyatt and said Santa’s visit took her out of the daily funk of being in the NICU

7. Most twins, triplets and other multiples are admitted into the NICU after birth because they typically are born underweight

8. While some babies smiled and posed for the camera, others napped throughout the photo shoot

9. The parents of the newborn infants are hoping to have their babies home for their first Christmas

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