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23 College Dorm Room Must-Haves You Can’t Live Without!


Updated on January 18th, 2019

Getting ready for college is an adventure that starts before you ever set foot on campus.

Apart from academic challenges ahead and new social scenario, you need to plan your ideal bucket list of dorm room must-haves since this dorm room is going to be your home away from home for next few years.

Dorm rooms may not be a dream room from the start, but with your creative quotient you can turn small space into a cozy, comfortable and cool place to relax, socialize and study! It just takes a little decorating muscle.

Here are 20+ college dorm room must-haves that’ll make your dorm room a much better place:

College Dorm Room Must-Haves

Below you’ll find a list of very useful items no self respecting dorm room should be without, with simple items like a geeky “slide to unlock” doormat, to daily essentials like a fold-out toiletries travel bag, a cool take out box styled laundry hamper, handy appliances ideal for microwave based cooking, and even a pop-up tent you can place over your bed whenever you need a little privacy.


1. The Hungover Cookbook

The Hungover Cookbook

The best way to cure a hangover is to drink even more alcohol eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water. The Hungover Cookbook is a recipe book to bring you back to life in the aftermath of a major binge drinking session.

Product Review:  So far I’ve tried 5 or 6 recipes from this book and they’re great! Definitely not just for when you’re hungover! Great for all occasions. I like how small this book is because it doesn’t take up a lot of counter space. I don’t have a lot of space in my kitchen as is, so having a small cookbook helps with this. The egg/sausage casserole is the best I’ve ever tried! Get One…Price is- $8.50


2. Privacy Bed Tent

Add some privacy to your living space with this adjustable privacy bed tent. This clever bed tent is able to switch from wide open to full privacy mode in just seconds. Perfect for having dirty sex or studying while roommates are around – it’s a dorm room necessity.

Product Review:  The many reviews mentioning suddenly improved sleep patterns, especially in children, make perfect sense, if only because this product instantly blocks Closet Monsters. You can’t see them, they can’t see you. And yet, even though I vanquished my monsters many many years ago, I was surprised by sudden and near-miraculous improvement in my own sleep. Apparently I was more disturbed at night by streetlights and passing cars than I realized. Get One…Price is- $129.99


3. Punching Bag Laundry Bag

Get your laundry organized while also working on that devastating right hook of yours with the punching bag laundry bag. Capable of holding even a heavyweight’s dirty laundry, this clever bag is a surefire way to get in shape while you do your mundane chores.

Product Review:  Bought it for my nephew for his birthday, and he loves it. You can stuff it with dirty clothes, clean clothes, blankets and ppillows for the younger ones or add a sandbag in the middle and you have a decent semi-heavy bag. I’m getting one for myself. Get One…Price is- $26.56


4. Light Up Slippers

Light Up Slippers

Walk around in the middle of the night without fear of stepping on random objects on the floor with these light up slippers. These slippers don’t need to be turned on manually, just slip your feet into them and the weight sensor automatically turns the slipper lights on.

Product Review:  Personally I would give it the full 5 stars, but they were a gift for my mother. She didn’t enjoy how bright the lights were. She likes to use them to not trip over the dogs and cats that sometimes sleep in the way. Doesn’t seem too bright to me, though. Available Here…Price is- $19.99

5. Infectious Disease Stress Balls

Relieve stress while infecting yourself with one of these disease stress balls. Available in a variety of infectious diseases like small pox, the zombie virus, and the bubonic plague, each ball will erupt into painful blisters with every squeeze.

Product Review:  My kid loves it! Changes colors when you squeeze it! Fast shipping, great experience! Get One…Price is- $11.99


6. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Jam out to your favorite songs during cleaning time using this Bluetooth shower speaker. The speaker comes with a built-in suction cup and features a compact and sturdy water resistant design available in a variety of vibrant color schemes.

Product Review:  HAPPY to say I WAS WRONG !! I bought this back in 2015 in the month of March and I STILL LOVE IT !! Though recently I lost the charging cord which when I finish the review I’ll simply buy again. I am hard of hearing so for me to hear music clearly it has to be UP loud enough even with my hearing aid. Get One…Price is- $16.79


7. Portable Pizza Pouch

Portable Pizza Pouch

Quell your pizza craving by keeping a delicious slice handy using this portable pizza pouch. The triangular plastic pouch features a convenient strap so you can use it like a necklace and a sturdy zip lock seal to ensure the slice stays fresh.

Product Review:  Great quality product. Bought for my girlfriend as a funny gift but it’s actually pretty damn practical! I’ll probably end up using it more than her! Definitely good size too, others were a little too small in size when comparing, but this one is the perfect size to fit one slice or a couple if it’s domino pizza size. Either way it’s great! Get One…Price is- $8.99


8. Rapid Ramen Noodle Cooker

Prepare your favorite noodle based meal in a fraction of the time by making it on this rapid Ramen noodle cooker. This compact dishwasher safe bowl is designed to perfectly fit a block of Ramen noodles and fully cook them in just 3 minutes.

Product Review:  I bought this for the same reasons most others would – I love ramen, but don’t have the space/time to drag out a pot and find a stove for something that’s supposed to be a quick meal. In my case, I’m often eating ramen when I’m at the office, where I don’t have a stove handy at all, and I like to get all different kinds of ramen and not limit myself to whatever comes in a foam cup. Get One…Price is- $6.99


9. Slide To Unlock Doormat

This geeky doormat is a clever tribute to the widely used “slide to unlock” security feature on smart phones. The slide to unlock doormat is made of rubber and measures roughly 2’x1′ making it ideal for dorms and small living spaces.

Product Review:  I’m a big fan of Apple products and this is just soooo cute! I loved it


I can’t wait to see guests reaction lol. Available Here…Price is- $32.99


10. Prison Ramen Recipe Book

Prison Ramen Recipe Book

Turn your boring noodle meal into a culinary sensation with help from the Prison Ramen recipe book. It comes full of colorful recipes like “sloppy Ramen Joe” and Danny Trejo’s “Machete Ramen” along with select stories from the inmates who made them.

Product Review:  Great book, but just a heads up, if you’re buying this for an incarcerated loved one they might not be allowed to have it. Apparently there’s some hooch recipes in there, who knew? Haha. Probably my bad for not putting in the research, really just thought it was food only recipes. Don’t make the same mistake I did! Get One…Price is- $8.98


11. The Shower Locker

Keep your roommates from using your hygienic products by storing them inside this shower locker. It’s designed to be mounted directly onto the wall and comes with a waterproof 3-number combination lock that’ll ensure your belongings remain secure.

Product Review:  Wow I ordered this product as a request for my girlfriend cause we share an apartment with other people and I expected it to be a cheap thing that can easily be tampered with boy I was wrong! To my surprise the shlocker is very high quality and does the job while looking cool in my shower, we’re sharing hers right now but I’m gonna get myself one and I think it’s an awesome gift idea. Get One…Price is- $39.99


12. Microwave Pizza Pan

Make leftover slices taste as good as when they were first delivered by heating them up in this microwave pizza pan. It’s designed to heat up the slices from the bottom-up so that the crust remains crispy – never soggy – without overcooking the cheese and toppings.

Product Review:  First thing I tried was left over pizza and usually I have that cold right out of the box but doing it this way was great it came out nice and melted with crisp crust and it didn’t taste like microwaved pizza! 10/10 would reheat my leftovers. Get One…Price is- $39.88


13. The Compartment Backpack

The compartment backpack makes staying organized easier than ever. It sports a water-resistant ballistic nylon exterior, is large enough to comfortably house a 17″ laptop, and features a useful elastic grid pocket that enables you to store items vertically.

Product Review:  The quality of the strap is really poor, but I actually love the look and feel of this backpack, which is why I am giving this two stars instead of one. I have owned two of the same backpack. The first time, the padding inserts in the right strap got twisted so there was this lumpy feeling. The second one I bought, the threading has already worn off and I have only owned it for 8 months. I really want to love this backpack, but I cannot recommend it with the strap issues. Available Here…Price is- $60.82


14. Cool To The Touch Microwave Bowl

Avoid burning your fingers on the hot bowl you just heated up by using this cool to the touch microwave bowl. The ceramic bowl holding your food fits inside a larger plastic bowl equipped with handles on both sides so you can easily carry it around.

Product Review:  My hubby loves his microwave meals HOT. Grits, soups, etc. He had been using a contraption of paper towel, dessert sized ceramic plate, and large bowl to the tune of 4 minutes + in the microwave. Burns happened a lot. Get One…Price is- $12.99


15. Microwave Popcorn Popper

Whip up some delicious stove-top-style popcorn right in your microwave using this nifty popcorn popper. It’s made from a sturdy heat-resistant silicone and requires absolutely no oil or butter to cook so that you can enjoy a delicious and healthy snack.

Product Review: 
I was so excited about this product. I received it yesterday and used it right away. No issues for the first run. I used it a second time and disaster! I guess the silicon didn’t open and the kernels burnt. It burnt the silicon as well. I tried cleaning it and it’s damaged. Get One…Price is- $12.51

16. Ultra Portable Laptop Stand

Avoid computer related injuries like carpal tunnel with the ultra portable laptop stand. Despite its small and simplistic design, it’s built to handle different sized models and places the laptop at the ideal angle so you can work comfortably.

Product Review:  Previously I used the Griffin Elevator laptop stand which is also a good (cheaper) choice because it comes apart to fit in a backpack, but after a while I started to look for a stand that a) raised my laptop up higher since just about every laptop stand is a little too low for good posture b) folded up even smaller. Get One…Price is- $75.00


17. Microwave Pasta Cooker

Prepare delectable gourmet meals in mere minutes using this microwave pasta cooker. Made from 100% platinum silicone, it’s designed to never overflow and will save you a ton of time by allowing you to cook without ever having to boil water.

Product Review:  Obviously my first thought was to buy some sort of pasta making robot. But apparently the Pentagon and NASA are wasting our tax dollars making all kinds of stuff that isn’t a pasta making robot. Lame. I’m betting the Japanese have already perfected that technology, but are keeping it all to themselves. Damn them. Get One…Price is- $24.86


18. Fold-Out Toiletries Travel Bag

Keep your daily essentials organized and at hand during your travels by carrying everything inside this fold-out toiletries travel bag. The functional fold-out design provides ample storage while also creating extra counter space for greater comfort.

Product Review:  The idea of having a shelf that expands over a sink as part of a storage case that holds lots of your beauty/cosmetic items is brilliant. I wanted to use it when travelling but found it was too bulky, large and heavy to put in a suitcase; it just takes up too much room. I would think it would be perfect for a dorm, camper or at-home use.I’m disappointed but maybe it can be designed in a smaller size sometime in the future. Available Here…Price is- $19.40


19. Marshall Noise Cancelling Headphones

Upgrade your music listening experience by swapping out your dinky earbuds for these Marshall noise cancelling headphones. They employ 4 microphones to continuously measure, pinpoint, and block ambient noise for the ultimate listening experience.

Product Review:  I have the earlier Marshall (wired) over-ear headphones, and I don’t currently own noise-cancelling headphones, and I LOVE my Marshalls, so I jumped at the chance to try these out. The sound quality of my Marshalls is exceptional – seriously amazing. I hold them up to other peoples’ Bose anyday. Get One…Price is- $249.99


20. Hamper Basketball Hoop

Help your children keep their pigsty of a room looking a little cleaner by encouraging them to put away their dirty laundry with this hamper basketball hoop. It comes with a removable laundry bag that lets them shoot them articles of clothing like balls into a hoop.

Product Review:  I love these! I purchased one for each of my boys rooms and the only negative is that I should have bought one for my husband too. Lol. Not a suggestion piece of clothing on the floor since. Basket is on the small side as other reviews say. But it makes me empty them when there is about a load between 2 of them so it works out for me!! Get One…Price is- $28.99


21. Weatherproof Portable Power Bank

If you’re heading into the great outdoors, this weatherproof portable power bank is your key to keeping your electronics juiced up. This sleek and compact 2600mAh stainless steel device comes with 10 watt hours of power and 1 Amp USB output.

Product Review:  This unit is compact and easy to carry about. It will give you an emergency battery boost if you get low and you can’t get to an outlet. The size and the cost and convenience is what has pleased me the most? Get One…Price is- $24.95


22. Homesick Scented Candles

Make your new place feel a little more like home by lighting up your very own homesick scented candle. Each hand poured all natural soy wax candle features its very own unique scent that captures the essence of places like Denver, LA, NYC, the UK, and Australia.

Product Review:  Husband is from Miami. When he opened his gift, he looked at me like “why did you buy me a candle?”. I said “SMELL IT!” He started naming off things back home of which the smell reminded him, and immediately lit the candle. Love it! Highly recommend. Get One…Price is- $29.95


23. Amazon Oasis Waterproof Kindle

Say goodbye to soggy pages when reading poolside by upgrading to the Amazon Oasis waterproof Kindle. It features an ultra slim and lightweight design, a battery that lasts for weeks at a time, a large 7 inch glare-free display, and up to 32 GB of storage.

Product Review:  I’ve been using the 300 dpi Paperwhite for over two years and decided to spoil myself with the new 32 GB WiFi Kindle Oasis E-reader. I’m an avid reader with over 500 books just on Amazon. Get One…Price is- $249.99