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“Come Save Me”- Syrian Children Hold Pokémon Go Pics Seeking Rescue

Syrian Children hold pics of Pokemon Go

July 22nd, 2016   |   Updated on December 7th, 2022

The Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office shared photos of children in war-torn Syria holding up photos of Pokémon in a ‘plea to the world to come to their rescue’.

The photo series urges the world to remember the Syria crisis which, according to Save The Children, has left more than a quarter of a million children living under siege.

The images show young Syrians looking dejectedly into the camera holding images of Pokemon characters with the words: “I am here, come save me”.Several children have been photographed holding up printouts with popular Pokémon characters, a location in the heart of Syria and a message to “come save me”.

Another image shows a child next to a weeping superimposed Pikachu in a bombed-out building, as if it were a screenshot from the actual game.

Do you think digital creatures of Pokémon Go induce the world to turn their attention to young people trapped in war zones? Please share your comments below.

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