Top 5 Best Inspirational Betting Sports Movies

Best Inspirational Movies

November 7th, 2019   |   Updated on July 22nd, 2022

The world of statistics has always seemed exciting to me and as through data of things that have happened in the past we try to shed some light on the tunnel that the future implies, where each event is variable and over which we have no control. Everything is possible.

Yes, of course, but mathematics can help us understand that certain things may be more predictable than others. Statistics apply to everything, whether we want it or not.

Even we ourselves are sometimes influenced by what happened to us in the past to try to predict similar results.

Another one of the things that fascinate me is the cinema, and for that reason when both are mixed they give, for me, a perfect result.

There are movies where statistics are used for sports betting, to predict which players will perform better or not in a season or to help a detective solve certain mysteries.

And that’s why today we have made a compilation of films about sports betting that you should watch. But now in 2019 there are hundreds of Sportsbooks that have run online especially in the New Jersey.

If you are a Sportsbooks lovers and from New Jersey then there is a good opportunity for you that is sportsbook NJ. It provides you the all materials related to sports. But now in this article we will tell you about the 5 best inspirational betting sports movies.

1. The Color Of Money

The mythical Paul Newman is the protagonist of this first film of the ranking, along with a very young Tom Cruise. And yes, it may seem like an old movie, but the truth is that it makes a millimeter portrait behind the minds of the punters and is that pride, staying intact with itself and identity become as important things as the money they put on the table to play.

2. Eight Men Out

This film revolves around one of the most famous controversies in history: the Baseball World Series of 1919. And that year, 8 players from the Chicago White Sox were expelled from the MLB for conspiring to make money through match lovers.

The players were accused of losing their games on purpose and thus winning their bets and being able to profit from it. The film affects the person responsible for these actions, the owner of the team, Charles Comiskey, for his behaviors and the deal he had with the players.

In addition, it is a golden opportunity to see the now legendary Charlie Sheen in a totally different record than what he has accustomed us in recent years.

3. Lay The Favorite

Also known as double or nothing, the film delves into that typology of players looking for strong emotions. With, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bruce Willis and Rebeca Hallin the cast, Lay the Favorite delves into the personalities and psychology of professional sports punters clearing many of the stereotypes around them.

The film, which is based on the memories of the protagonist, Beth Raymer, defines these players as young punters addicted to a lifestyle of infinite possibilities.

4. Two For The Money

This film allows you to immerse yourself in the operations behind the sports betting business and their mechanics. Lang (played by Matthew McConaughey) and Walter Abrams (Al Pacino) soon begin to win large amounts of money thanks to these bets, taking their emotions to the fullest.

5. Perfect Robbery

And if we go to this movie more than 50 years ago, Stanley Kubrick tells us a story about betting that will keep you glued to the couch from beginning to end.

It tells the story of Johnny Clay, who after his time in prison decides to carry out a great blow that had been in his head for a while: to steal all the collection of bets from a racecourse. So far we can read because everything gets complicated from the moment they plan to kill the favorite horse of the seventh race.

Which one is your favorite? Sports movies are inspirational and fun, you should not miss the opportunity to watch one of these when you have the time.