What To Do If You Are Bored ? You Will Find Several Fun Things

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June 11th, 2018   |   Updated on June 17th, 2021

We all have such situations when we are bored to death. Boredom is one of the most difficult tests in our life. Psychologists suggest that most people are bored when the novelty of sensations goes away, and the motivation for doing ordinary things is lost.

When there are no or not enough external stimulants, inaction makes us bored. It’s boring, because everything is familiar, and you are sick of everything. Even the favorite entertainment no longer brings the former pleasure.

In this case, it is necessary to do something with it. A person is ready to do much for avoiding boring moments, even creating problems and picking up harmful addictions.

It leads away from real joy and happiness, but first, it seems to solve the problem of boredom and emptiness for the time being.

So, I`m bored, what should I do? The surest solution is to do your favorite thing or hobby that would bring pleasure in learning something new. Free time is better to spend with benefits for both soul and body.

Aimlessly spent time is not a good rest. In fact, it is fully possible to find an interesting and useful occupation without leaving home. Even at home, you can come up with a lot of useful fun activities, the number of which can be limited only by your imagination.

Here, you will find several fun things to do when bored.


1. Devote your free time to sports

For home exercises, you don’t need special sports equipment. It can be aerobics, yoga, training with your own weight, and much more. Many exercises can be easily found on the Internet.

Your favorite loud music will be great. Music can dispel boredom and give the most positive emotions, and sports exercises help get rid of accumulated negative energy.

Organize a party at home. This is a 100% recipe to have fun. You don’t even need to buy anything. Just call your friends and say that you invite them to a party as if your beloved pet has a birthday.

Everyone can take food and drinks at their own discretion. All you need is creating a great atmosphere by arranging a thematic party in retro, rock or gypsy styles. Maybe, you will have a desire to cook special sandwiches or toasts.


2. Take up other forms of creativity


Try to write poetry, prose or a script for a comedy for the sake of interest. Stand in front of a mirror and make a funny face.

Make a drawing on the paper and hang it on the wall. Smile to your amazing portrait. Then you can try the art of origami.

It will help you think and analyze better. When you master the basics, you can make incredibly beautiful and fun figures. On the Internet, you can find a huge number of instructions on the origami technique.

3. Do you often watch videos on YouTube

You may try yourself as a blogger. To do this, you need to log in to the service and make a funny video. For shooting at first, the camera on your cell phone will be enough.

The problem can be with recording sound, but for the first time, you can use the built-in microphone. If you have a pet, arrange a holiday for it. Wash it and cut the claws. Teach the pet a new trick to impress friends and relatives.

Make a video with it. Watch this video later when you get bored. It will remind you of all those things that you can do to not be bored anymore. Who knows, maybe this video will collect a lot of views and likes, and you will eclipse the famous blogger Pat Flynn in the near future?


4. What to play when bored?

Play chess on your PC or learn the basics of this wonderful game. If you do not have somebody to play with, you can find a partner on the Internet. When playing chess, you can share jokes in chat. You can come up with other new games depending on where you are. See more here


If you don’t want the boredom to come next days, make changes in your life to get the brightness into your life. If you go to work by car or public transport, walk on foot slowly, better through a park or a garden.

Think about new clothes to buy for changing your image. Get rid of all your past negative experiences. Having them in memory, we are missing the present moment of our life. Look around you and smile.

Make new acquaintances and talk more with people. Realize how beautiful the world is and how amazingly awesome it is to live in this world. Remember, we all are born to be happy.

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