VR And Online Casino: New Format, Unexplored Opportunities, And Hidden Dangers

Online Casinos In The Future

June 12th, 2018   |   Updated on April 18th, 2022

What is waiting for online casinos in the future? How will it be changed with the advent and implementation of virtual reality? Will this be a new entertainment or a real danger? Read in our article.


VR And Online Casino

Virtual reality is becoming more popular, and it’s no surprise that the online gambling industry has already taken the lead in this direction and has begun developing virtual casino games.

In fact, the time of VR in online casinos has already come. Let’s find out how it looks and works in practice.


The Virtual Reality of the Casino

Сasino players are already offered a complete immersion in virtual reality. You can play with or without glasses, use a keyword or game controller to manage the game, or you can simply play the 3D version of the casino on your desktop computer.

VR will allow players to actually visit the casino thanks to a 360-degree review, detailing and digital graphics. People can walk around the hall and take a seat behind any of the available slot machines you can play slots for real money.


Explorer to the Virtual World

To get into today’s unreal space, just try on a special helmet. This is an unreal reality, which until recently was a fantasy with Hollywood roots! The innovative project created a personal guide to the VR world — special glasses, which can work on your PC or any mobile gadget.

What does this headset look like? Remember ski goggles. The glasses for VR are similar to them, with the only difference that instead of glass they have a built-in Full HD display, which displays a couple of pictures specifically for each eye.

The image is displayed distorted, and then through the lens system is converted into a spherical picture.


Games in Virtual Reality: New Format

VR can become really progressive in poker because this game becomes really interactive with the participation of all players at the table. Now online poker platforms support in-game chat and live video. But the introduction of game devices such as special glasses can really open new boundaries for online poker.

Imagine the difference between playing online poker and its version in VR. When you can see other players at the table, you can communicate, interact, which essentially recreates the real game in the hall. There is even the possibility to change the surrounding background — from the style of the Wild West to the lunar module in the background.

With the help of Oculus glasses, as well as 3D technologies, the player finds himself in an atmosphere of excitement, he can communicate with other users, watch the game at a nearby table, feel his importance and competition in the casino.

This was not previously experienced by players in cards in the online casino but now they literally have all cards in the hand.

The casino with VR instantly changed the situation, bringing a lot of advantages to both its owners and players. With the advent of a virtual casino, users who play social games and gambling players will almost stand on one demographic bar.

Both the first and the second can get into VR, play games and move from one format to another.

Of course, there is a big risk of dependence on the game with virtual reality; its popularity is growing rapidly, and many experts are afraid of the authorities’ reaction to the distribution of such institutions.

But, the trend is that gambling on the Internet will very soon be modified into another format, which is a VR in the casino.


Conclusions and Forecasts

Fanatic players are optimistic, believing that virtual reality will become the dominant platform in the online gambling market. Others are more skeptical, believing that the future of virtual gambling games is vague, taking into account the fact that no one really knows what virtual casinos should look like and how big they should be.

Moreover, VR as such carries a number of dangers. If this innovation conquers the consumer market, it can become a mass cultural experiment, comparable to a new drug.

And in the context of gambling, which to some extent akin to drugs, it becomes especially relevant. Meanwhile, virtual reality is used in the gambling industry only as a marketing tool and its potential is uncertain.