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Coolest Camping Gadgets That Exist That Most People Don’t Know About

Coolest Camping

August 7th, 2019   |   Updated on December 3rd, 2020

Camping in nature is a way of living. You can choose to go to the woods, to the ocean, or river, but when you decide to be in nature, it only means one thing — you want to be free, wild, and more connected to yourself.

For real adventure of camping you need practical, multifunctional camping gadgets that will not take a lot of space, but still, serve the purpose.

Nature-loving people, best pop up campers, nomads, and all of you who want to experience the life of adventure, you are in the right place. We are going to suggest some greatest camping gadgets that will make your hiking unforgettable.

Here Are Some Coolest Camping Gadgets That Exist That Most People Don’t Know About

1. Suaoki Tent Lantern Lighting Lights USB Charging and Solar Panel are one of the top gadgets options for your camping. It is really easy to charge it by using solar energy.

Charging with USB is also possible. It is one of the smallest camping gadgets that you will find, so it fits great in every bag and doesn’t take a lot of space.

You can use it as a light for your tent, to do all your things at night and not to worry that you’ll find yourself in the dark. This project is also eco-friendly. We recommend it as the number one among the coolest new gadgets.

Coolest Camping

2. One of the greatest multifunctional camping gadgets is for sure SE MT908 11-Function Stainless Steel Survival Pocket Tool, Blister Packaging.

It could be the most practical thing that you ever have on your camping gadgets list. It has at least 11 functions that we are aware of, perhaps you will discover more, but for sure you can do a lot of things that you usually do with different tools.

Now you can replace them all with only one item. You can use this amazing camping tool as a 4-station key, knife, bottle opener, car camping gear, and a lot more at the same time. It is a camping gadget that you can use in so many situations, even an emergency one. Isn’t that impressive?

3. Camping gadgets that you will probably like the most are the ones such as BioLite CampStove. This device belongs to some cool new inventions because it helps you to turn fire into electricity.

You can burn sticks, woods, and make a fire that you need for your cold nights. You can use this energy for charging your phones, laptops, etc. We recommend using it for boiling water or cooking your favorite food.

4. A hot pocket is an instant solution for keeping sleeping bag warm during cold nights. It comes in three sizes-small, medium and large.

These camping gadgets can be easily packed, they don’t take a lot of space, solar compatible, and a good option for your camping trip.

It is a sustainable solution that provides you with comfort immediately. What you need to do is just push the button.

Coolest Camping

5. Have you ever wondered how great is to have a tree house? But of course, you can’t take the house on your camping trip. What you can do is to choose some Tentsile Vista camping gadgets which are tree tents.

They are multifunctional, safely secured gadgets, which give you a special feeling that you have your treehouse, but more flexible and easily removable.

You will need just 15 minutes to set up your tent. We suggest you use Tentsile Vista 3-PPL Convertible Treehouse Hammock which provides you with comfort when you’re not at home; also, it is eco-friendly. But make sure you don’t use it in extreme weather conditions.

6. Lunatec Aquabot is must-have camping gear. It is a practical bottle that you can use in so many ways. These camping gadgets have a shower, stream, spray, and mist.

So, can you imagine what are all the possibilities that Lunatec Aquabot provides? You can hydrate yourself in every possible way; you can use it for cleaning, keeping fresh, washing, and so on. It is BPA-free, so it keeps you safe and healthy.

Coolest Camping

7. Solar Fridge Freezer is rechargeable, one of the smartest camping gadgets that you will ever have. It works as a freezer and cooler at the same time. The cooler can be charged by solar panel or in the car.

Now you don’t have to worry about your food and drinks, a smart app on your phone is to change the temperature so that you can keep your products fresh. This is one of the cool new inventions for outdoor camping.

8. Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent is a polyester, waterproof tent made to provide you with comfort. You can use it for changing clothes or as a toilet. Shower hole on the top lets you maintaining privacy while you are taking a shower.

It has a rain cover with a hook, which allows you to use it even in bad weather conditions. You can keep it clean very easily because there is no bottom. It is practical, easy packing and one of the most multifunctional camping gadgets.

Coolest Camping

9. Asanmu Solar shower bag is a perfect camping tool with a high water capacity, lightweight and eco-friendly. This great camping gadget has a temperature gauge that can help you to monitor the temperature of the water, for safe using.

It also has a pocket where you can keep all the equipment that you need for your bath. In one word, it is perfect to maintain your body hygiene during your camping.

These are some guides for the best camping gadgets that we prepared. We try to choose the best gadgets for men and women wisely.

If you are searching for more information, you can check some professional guides that can help you on your way.
Share your experience with us! Do you know some cool camping gadgets that we didn’t mention, please share them below!

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Ronald Pratt is a nomad, writer, and yoga instructor. After graduating from University, he started his life as a traveler.

He is on the road for more than 8 years and has his blog where he shares experiences. Now he is preparing his book about how to connect with nature so that you can be more connected with yourself and the world around.