The Top 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

Published on July 25th, 2018

Rape is a brutal act of assaulting someone brutally without his or her consent. While you could imagine such an act to happen only amongst the uneducated and undeveloped areas of the world, you will be amazed to learn that even the most developed places in the world too have reported an uncountable number of rape cases.

Here Are The Top 10 Countries With The Highest Rape Crime Records:-


1. United States

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

The country that is considered to be one of the most developed places in the world is actually surprisingly the one with the most number of rape cases.

It is reported that the majority of rapists are male and the victims are the females. However, quite shockingly there have also been cases where males have been the victim of rape.

It is unfortunate that the majority of the college- goers are actually a victim of this brutal act. And 1 out of every 6 women is reported to have been mercilessly raped during their lifetime.


2. South Africa

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

Also known as the rape capital of the world, South Africa is a country with the highest rates of rape crime in the entire world.

In the year 2012 more than about 65,000 cases have been reported. Child and baby rape is the most common crime that is prevalent in South Africa, and if the rapist is convicted he or she is sentenced to prison for a tenure of 2 years.

A survey conducted by the Medical Research Council revealed that out of 4000 women survey 1 out of 3 said that they have recently been raped and the males have agreed to have committed the crime and not only have they raped a single person but in fact multiple numbers.


3. Sweden

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

It comes as a surprise to know that in Europe, Sweden has been reported with the highest number of rape cases. It is said that 1 out of every 4 women in Sweden have been a victim of rape at least once in their lifetime.

It is also unfortunate to know that this crime has been increasing at an alarming rate of 58% over the past decade. Sexual harassment is a serious matter of concern in Europe, especially in Sweden.


4. India

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

India is not only incredible for the beauty and festivities it beholds, but also for the rate at which this crime called rape is increasing. The most common crime against women in India is that of rape and it has been reported that there have been more than 24,000 cases of rape during the year 2012.

However, these are only the numbers that have been reported against. India also has a lot of cases of sexual crime that are unspoken about and unreported too.

If those cases are counted too, the figure could literally be doubled. It would come as a shock to you but in India, most of the cases of rape have been committed by the family, relatives, and neighbors of the victim.


5. United Kingdom

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

In your lifetime you definitely must have wished to visit the United Kingdom once as it is considered to be one of the most developed places in the world.

What you are unaware of is the fact that even after being such a developed place the people in the United Kingdom are also involved in the serious crime called rape.

One may be baffled to know that in one year there has been a case of over 4 lakh women being raped in this country.


6. Germany

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

This technologically advancing country is actually ranked 6th in the world for being reported with the number of rape cases. While progressing in the technology industry the country is actually forgetting what humanity is.

A rough estimate of over 2 lakh girls and women has died due to the injuries and mental torture caused by the sexual assault.


7. France

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

Before the 1980’s there was absolutely no requirement of laws against sexual violence in France.

It was actually a rape-free country until the 1980’s but unfortunately, after that, even France started having reports of rape cases similar to the other countries in the world.

France is ranked 7th in the world for having cases of the rape crime.


8. Canada

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

It is sad to know that this Amercing continent has a total of reported cases of rape in this country are 2,516,918 cases of rape being reported.

Also, it is said that only 6% of the rape cases are actually reported. One out of every 17 women in Canada has been raped during their lifetime and has led to them being seriously injured or with a disfigured body.


9. Sri Lanka

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

The reason why the country is the one with the highest cases of suicide is due to the disturbing act of rape crime that is reported every few hours in Sri Lanka. It is worse to know that the rapists in Sri Lanka have absolutely no feeling of guilt or mercy about this brutal act.

A study has shown that rape is the most common crime that is faced by the majority of school going girls. Sri Lanka has also been trying to increase it education standards in order to prevent the happening of such crimes.


10. Ethiopia

Countries With Highest Rape Crime

You will not only be surprised but be disgusted to know that Ethiopia is infamous for the practice of abduction with the intent of marriage.

Here girls are not abducted in exchange for a ransom but are instead kidnapped by men so that they can be married and raped until they get pregnant.

More than a great percentage of 60 Ethiopian women have been a subject to this merciless act of rape and marriage by abduction. Girls as young as 11 years old are also kidnapped and raped brutally.

You will be astounded to know that sometimes the men even use horses to abduct their intended bride so that they can escape faster.


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