Courses You Can Consider Other Than Engineering

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June 1st, 2018   |   Updated on September 20th, 2018

Engineering has lost its glory. In India, there are over a million engineers are left without any jobs after passing out. This is an accumulated scenario. Over the years, the country has produced so many engineers and now this number is huge.

There is no difference between the graduates and most of the corporate guys blame us for producing inefficient engineers. The terms “inefficient” here means, the lack of working knowledge and the lack of industry trends. For this, we need to blame the education system. For years, we have not really updated on the courses offered nor the syllabi.

We all study the same things and know the same things. This creates a lack of difference and solution-oriented approach for businesses. This the main reason why there is a lack of talented work force in India.

So the question is how to we bridge this gap. There are multiple way to bridge this gap. Firstly, the idea is to have a working knowledge of what businesses are looking at. Then, it is to have some working knowledge on what the businesses can get out of us.

So the solution here is to have an additional training to get all this. This gave the birth to technical education with certification programme. These programs are built around the subjective needs of the industry or the firm. IT industry is there for a long time, it not only requires software engineers but also people who can do data analysis.

This is why we have seen have a lot of enrolments into the big data analytics course. Processing big data is extremely important for the company as most of the informed business decisions are drawn out of it.

Given the importance of the role, data analysts and scientist are paid hefty salary and are kept at high positions in the industry. A typical big data course will be conducted for 6 months.

The first 5 months will have the subjective course covered and the last month will have the on-hand training of what is learned over the months. The training will be aggressive and time-bound. This evaluates the candidate on the real world scenario.

The courses are offered either offline or online. Online courses are slights on the advantageous side as the come in-line with our flexibility of time and place.

There are a lot of online materials and projects on which you can bank on another course which is trending with respect to a similar kind of industry is android development.

If you like to make a career in this field, then you need to undergo a course in android training. Hence, there are a lot of options apart from engineering which you can look at and make a good career option.