6 Amazing Cities To Throw Your Crazy Bachelor Party

Your Last Night of Ultimate Freedom

May 18th, 2018   |   Updated on June 6th, 2022

Are you one of those people who likes to go out partying every week? I’m sure you’ve attended lots of bachelor parties in your home city. It’s time to give something else a try when it’s your turn. Jump on a plane to celebrate far away from home.

There are a few quality cities around the world that specialize in bachelor parties. Also, when you leave home the madness tends to last a couple of days at the very least. Here are some places you should think about if you want to have a wild adventure.

1. Las Vegas – United States

If you don’t want to leave the country you should head to Las Vegas. Every American should experience at least one bachelor party here before they die. Take advantage of the city and spend a lot of time gambling in the casinos.

You’ll want to visit clubs to see girls dance too. It’s the top thing to check off your list. When you’re staggering around you should soak in the atmosphere. There is nothing quite like it no matter where you go.

2. Perth – Australia

Before you arrive in Australia you should hire a large home close to the beach. All your friends will be able to stay there even if they need to sleep on the floor. One of the best Perth bucks party ideas involves poker dealers.

A sexy girl will come to your home and take charge of your poker game. You won’t have to worry about anything while you sit drinking. Once it’s over everyone can visit the city to jump around in the clubs.

3. Madrid – Spain

If you’re really lucky you might be able to pick up tickets to a Real Madrid soccer game. If not, you can still enjoy a stadium tour. Visit one of the biggest water parks during the day to fly down the massive rides.

Escape rooms are brilliant if you’re the kind of person who loves Saw movies. When things get too warm you can chill out in an ice bar. Instead of watching a boxing match they’ve got chocolate mud wrestling on offer.

4. Edinburgh – Scotland

Once you arrive in Edinburgh you’ll realize it’s full of hen parties from all over the UK. When you go out at night you will be able to have lots of fun with them. There are lots of beer gardens where you’ll be able to get warmed up.

If you’re visiting with a sophisticated crowd you don’t need to spend all day drinking beer. Go on a whisky tour to find out why the famous spirit is so special. You can walk up an extinct volcano in the morning to sweat all the alcohol out.

5. Prague – Czech Republic

European bachelor parties descend on Prague in huge numbers throughout the year. Even though it’s gorgeous they don’t go for the gothic architecture. If you find the right bar it feels like they’re giving beer away for free.

I know everyone wants to see gorgeous Eastern European girls dance when they visit, but there other things you can enjoy too. You should try indoor karting, quad biking, paintball, and other action-packed activities.

6. Dublin – Ireland

You might think you know what Guinness tastes like, but it’s extra special when you’re in Dublin. The city is one of the best in Europe when it comes to bachelor parties. Irish people can drink everyone else under the table.

When you visit cities it’s common to go on walking tours. In Dublin, they specialize in pub crawls. Each one will take you around different drinking establishments that have been extremely popular for years.

Your Last Night of Ultimate Freedom

Your Last Night of Ultimate Freedom

The bachelor party is your last night of ultimate freedom, so you want to enjoy every second of it. If you’re walking around in a world-class city with your best friends it will definitely help.