Different Ways To Create Awareness For Voting Through Instagram And Snap Chat


Published on November 7th, 2018

Due to tough competitions in the social media market, top social media platforms are introducing new and interesting features. These platforms stay up to date with all the topics to create more and better interaction with the consumers.

Whenever there is any meaning full event or festival companies like Snapchat and Instagram using their creativity produces new ways to better communicate and interact with the consumers like due to elections going on both these platforms using their own features to tackle this event.

Instagram has developed a feature which will allow the Instagram followers to add stickers which will say that “I have voted”. this feature is useful to analyze the polling results.

Benefits Of Promoting Your Business On Instagram

Along with this feature this platform made a story during introducing this feature about the voted stories of the users. This feature is useful for the users who want to add and save specific stories which could be as the highlighted stories of your social media journey.

This feature is also very important for the advertisers to advertise certain brands or businesses to create stories related to them. This will allow the brands and businesses to be able to view the activities of the advertisements.

This feature will play a role in the society that will be as an awareness for the people to know about the importance of casting a vote. Casting the vote is a responsibility of every citizen.

Studies have shown that back in 2010 elections FACEBOOK used this approach to create an awareness through their platform to let them know about the importance of casting a vote and making them remember in their busy life.


It also showed an increase in the number of voters as compared to previous elections. By just introducing a button which will be allowed for the user to click it when they have cast a vote.

Just like Instagram Snapchat also used their story feature to introduce the election stickers. These stickers play a very important role in the creating awareness about any topic. Stickers were related to the voting, countdown to the voting date which will allow the users to know about the voting date.

There will be a video which will show the users especially the eighteen plus users to remind them to cast the vote. Snapchat will also show the polling locations according to where the user lives. Map will pinpoint the locations where there are polling stations.

facebook time line

The target audience is also good due to the required age of voting and the majority consumers of that age in both social media platforms.

This approach has a huge impact in shifting the results from one change to another. So many statistics of elections will be supported by these social media platforms due to their large number of audiences.

Platforms like Facebook and Twitter play a vital role in changing the views in the society regarding any topic, therefore it has a huge impact on the politics of the united states.