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Why Cuffing Season Means Your Single Friends Are About To ‘Couple Up’

Cuffing Season

Published on December 8th, 2017

What Is Cuffing Season

Somewhere between mid-November and March, a phenomenon known as ‘cuffing season’ emerges. This has nothing to do with actual handcuffs, but more about being metaphorically attached to a romantic partner. As the nights get longer and the memories of summer start to fade away, many of us feel an overwhelming desire to settle down and hibernate, and suddenly even though you thought you were happily single you find yourself longing for cosy nights in with a significant other.

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According to Urban Dictionary, the cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed. In other words, why venture out into the darkness to scour the streets for romance, weekend after weekend, when you can order a seasonal lover quicker than you can say “eggnog latte”?

Here are a few things that happen when we fall into the trap of cuffing season.

5 things that happen during ‘cuffing season’

1. You start feeling a false sense of loneliness

You’ve been single all year but for some reason now that it’s getting colder it’s as though you suddenly feel your singleness so much more.

2. All you start to see on Instagram are #couplegoals

Is it just you or is the world and his wife in a relationship? People who you genuinely thought would be perpetually single – or at least would be single way after you – are now in relationships and are showing it all over social media.

3. The ex slides into your messages

Usually under the guise of jokey insults (my personal favourite being ‘hey, big head!’), but inevitably you’ll receive at least one text, WhatsApp or DM from an ex. It’s as though the sudden drop in temperature to single figures has jogged their memory about how good you were to them.

4. You scramble for someone to pretend you’re dating for the pictures

There is literally nothing to make you crave a date more than a local Christmas market. Mulled wine, ice skating, steaming sausages and chunky knitwear all make for great photos, especially after you pick the right filter. Just think of how glorious your Instagram grim will look – you’ll be the envy of all your other single friends, right?

5. You realise it’s all an illusion really anyway

At some point during cuffing season you’ll find yourself on a night out with your other single friends and realise that actually you’re perfectly happy just as you are.

16 Tweets About Cuffing Season That’ll Make You Laugh & Then Cry

1. Cuffing season means nothing when you’re still single.

2. In fact, going through cuffing season single is flat-out unacceptable apparently.


4. Let’s be real: Guys know cuffing season is just an excuse we use to steal their hoodies.

5. Honestly, who needs a bae when you can get a body pillow? No, seriously, I’m asking.

6. Main reason for cuffing season? Boinking to Justin Bieber Christmas music, obviously.

7. All it takes for this guy to become a believer in cuffing season is SLIGHTLY chilly weather.

8. You may not be cuffing this season, but you’re definitely coughing, amiright?

9. Cuffing Season may seem like a good idea right now, but wait until it’s spring and you’re paying for your expensive meal at the Cheesecake Factory while your SO yells at you.

10. Cuffing season is just the perfect time to take your chance!

11. Why go after a human, when you can just stock up on Christmas cookies?

12. If you’re not a cookie person, go for a warm burrito. Chipotle’s got your back.

13. It’s OK if you’re single during cuffing season! Plenty of time to play with yourself, if you know what I mean…

14. Literally, what a disappointment!

15. Seriously, disappointment after disappointment here.

16. Did you say cuffing season? Oh, I thought you meant puffing season.

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