General Knowledge Quiz Quiz

Top 10 General Knowledge Quiz With Answers Multiple Choice


Published on October 12th, 2019

1. Who Has Become First Female Player In The World To Complete 20 Years In International Cricket?

2. What Is The Name Of App Indian National Centre For Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), Hyderabad Has Launched To Provided Weather-Related Information To Fishermen?

3. Which Of The Following Abbreviations Is Not Related To Child And Maternal Health

4. How Many States Have Been Penalised Under National Health Mission For Not Performing On Various Health Parameters In 2018-19?

5. What Is The Name Of The Innovative Learning Programme, Launched By The Union HRD Ministry?

6. What Is The Theme Of This Year's World Mental Health Day (October 10)?

7. The World Athletics Championships Was Held First Time In Middle East. Identify The Host City From The Choices Given Below:

8. Which Of The Following Is Not One Of The Four Strategic Priorities Under Which Who Will Support Government Of India?

9. Which Country Has Been In The News For Launching Military Operation Against Kurdish Militants In Northern Syria?

10. Who Among The Following Authors Is Not A Nobel Laureate?

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