David Beckham Really Is ‘The Sexiest Man Alive’! Check Out His Awesome Pictures

David Beckham

May 3rd, 2017   |   Updated on February 28th, 2024

It’s no surprise that David Beckham has been named the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People magazine! The former professional soccer player and model is renowned for his good looks, style, and charm. He’s also a devoted husband to wife Victoria Beckham, father of four children – Brooklyn Joseph (20), Romeo James (17), Cruz David (15) and Harper Seven (9).

David Beckham’s career in football started at Manchester United where he won six Premier League titles during his time there. After playing for some other clubs such as Real Madrid and LA Galaxy he retired from football in 2013 but continued to be involved with the sport through various projects including being an ambassador for UNICEF UK since 2005. His success on the field was matched off it too as he became one of Britain’s most recognisable figures due to campaigns with brands like Armani underwear or Adidas Sportswear which resulted in him becoming one of world’s highest-paid athletes according to Forbes Magazine back then.

Apart from his successful career both on & off-the-field, what really makes us swoon over this man are those chiseled jawline & perfect smile! Not only is David known worldwide because of these physical attributes but also because how well dressed always appears when attending events or even just out shopping with family members – always looking dapper whether wearing suits or casual wear – making heads turn wherever goes! It truly doesn’t hurt either that we get blessed every now again seeing him shirtless while doing activities such yoga poses etc…

So if you still don’t believe why people think “David Beckam” is sexy? Just take a look at some pictures below:

Shirtless magazine covers?

david beckham


Print this pic out and hang it on your ceiling. Your life will be changed forever, trust me.

david beckham haircut


Every angle of his body is a work of art. His biceps probably have a mind of their own.

david beckham wife


David Beckham, oh, David Beckham.

david beckham tattoos


You make us the thirstiest.

david beckham young


But we thank you, God, for putting him on this planet.

david beckham kids


There was the time he stood there just in his pants looking like this

david beckham son


This time he stood in his pants.

david beckham age


And this time.

david beckham statue


The time he stared into our souls and we imagined him in just his under pants.

david beckham hair


What have you got under there David?

david and victoria beckham

Then he just stood there like so.

david beckham sunglasses


He’s just too good looking.

david beckham family


Too damn sexual.

david beckham naked


Our real life Prince Charming.

david beckham hairstyle


He’s the perfect dreamboat.

david beckham suit


Delivered to make us smile.


You spray on that aftershave David.


You just heavy breathe.

david beckham short hair


And tell us we’re beautiful.

david beckham long hair


We can cope.

young david beckham


Wavy hair with under haircut and rib and full hand tattoo design

David Beckham


David Beckham enjoyed a workout at SoulCycle in a LA

david beckham style


David Beckham was forced to hastily change a caption on Instagram this week after infuriating his fans by calling Hong Kong China

david beckham nude


David Beckham was honoured for his contribution to football at the PFA awards

david beckham cologne