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Defining 50 Glorious Years Of Shah Rukh Khan In 200 Seconds! A FAN Moment!

March 22nd, 2016   |   Updated on August 26th, 2020

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN is hitting the theater on April 15. However prior to the big release, there is much to rejoice for his huge fan following across the globe.  A sand art video capturing  50 glorious years of King Khan has gone viral on social media.

Directed by Rahul Arya, the video beautifully showcases the complete essence of SRK’s journey in 200 seconds.

Truly a beautiful gift to Shah Rukh Khan and his fans!

Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN

SRK’s early days at Hansraj College

SRK bron


SRK’s TV Debut With Fauji

SRK faugi


SRK’s Initial Test Of  Success With Deewana

SRK bazzigar


SRK’s Much Appreciated Darr

SRK daar


Arrival Of The King Of Romance With DDLJ



SRK’s Critically Acclaimed Swadesh

SRK kal ho na ho

SRK In Devdas Avatar

SRK devdas


SRK In Veer-Zara

SRK veer zara


SRK In Om Shanti Om

SRL Om shanti om


SRK’s Awards And Accolades

SRK family

Let’s face it-this 200 seconds sand art video will bowl you over!

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