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These Delicious Meals Shaped Like PANDAS That Will Whet Your Appetite


Published on November 26th, 2016

Recently,  foodies in Asia competed to make delicious dishes that were too cute to eat. From steamed buns to rice balls, all of the dishes had one or several elements that looked like giant pandas. And, all these dishes were prepared at a cooking competition held in China to promote the black-and-white animals.

The food contest was jointly organised by, a panda-focused website, and the tourism authority of Sichuan, the Chinese province, where the adorable bears originate.
Participants from Hong Kong and Taiwan  designed various amusing and innovative dishes before sending pictures to iPanda for the public to vote. These delicious meals shaped like PANDAS will whet your appetite for sure. Let’s scroll some amazing dishes that look like the cuddly bears.

A chef from Taiwan made these adorable rice balls with  traditional Sichuan dishes inside



A foodie from Taiwan devoted her impressive steamed buns to her favourite panda Yuan Zai



A participant from Hong Kong paired spicy dan dan noodles with panda-inspired fish balls


A participant from Hong Kong used fish-fragrant aubergine to pair with panda-shaped rice balls



One foodie from Hong Kong made two dishes: spicy mapo tofu and cold shredded chicken



Hong Kong foodie’s  stir fried vegetables with panda-shaped rice balls



Twice-cooked pork with rice and buns resembling pandas



A foodie from Hong Kong made a panda-themed mapo tofu



A participant from Hong Kong made the dish to show her love for Qing Diandian, a panda in China



A chef from Taiwan used cute panda-shaped rice to go with this plate of Sichuan mapo tofu



A contestant from Taiwan made a vegetarian dish with spicy tofu and three lazy rice pandas



A chef from Taiwan used beans to portrait bamboo and put two pandas on spicy fish