Step By Step To Develop Your Own Application

Published on August 7th, 2018

If you looking for about how to develop an app, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll look at the various steps involved in developing your own application from the scratch.


1. Have an Exciting idea

Develop Your Own Application

The first step in creating your own application is to come up with an idea or a solution that helps people to solve something or keep them occupied. It can be anything from a gaming app, a utility application or anything. All you need is the basic idea for the application. If you already have one, then you can proceed further.


2. Necessity for the App

Necessity for the App

It is not just the idea, but you need to understand whether it really solve a problem or fulfill the user’s requirements. Google Keyword Planner can play a big role as it helps you identify the number of persons looking for a solution that you are willing to provide. If the number is higher, then you can certainly start building your application. Or you can ask your friends for their suggestions or create a landing page with the idea of your application and ask for public suggestions.


3. Design

App Design

Now that you’ve understood the need for your application, it is time to start designing the flow and features of your application. You can use some kind of wireframe tool to create images of your app screens or just plot down your idea on paper. List down all the feature you may think that deems fit for the application. Make sure to provide a detailed flow of your app including all the navigations and menus etc.


4. Start Small

Start Small

In the initial design stage, you would have thought about a lot of features and listed all in your design documents. But if you think that including all the features may take a lot of time to complete the application, it is not wrong to start small. You can always add those features later after you launch the application. But just make sure that all the basic features are available in the initial version.


5. Create Developer Accounts

Create Developer Accounts

Next step is to create your developer accounts for Android and IOS as these two or the major platforms that enable you to promote and sell your application. You can either register as an individual or as a company and when it comes to annual charges, Android may charge you around $24/year and Apple $99/year.


6. Start Development

Start Development

If you already know app development, it is well and good as you can develop the application according to your requirements. Or else you may need to hire an application developer to complete your application. There are many sites that allow you to hire freelance workers at reasonable costs.


7. Test, Test, and Test


Once the development is completed, make sure to test the application rigorously as you don’t want your users to see a blank screen or the application hanging in the middle.


8. Integrate Analytics


Make sure to integrate an analytics tool to your application as that helps you track the number of visitors, downloads etc.


9. Get Feedback and Improvise


Once the application is launched, try to get maximum feedback and fix all kinds of bugs and improvise the app by introducing new features.

The author of this article is Vlad Pshenychka, a freelance blogger working now for Artjoker, a software development company that specializes in startups launch including mobile and web development. Our goal is to turn clients’ ideas only to excellent results!

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