Diablo 4 Review: Examining The Strengths And Weaknesses

Diablo 4 Examining The Strengths And Weaknesses

June 21st, 2023   |   Updated on June 29th, 2023

Are you seeking an insightful review of Diablo 4 to gain valuable perspectives before embarking on your journey into the dark and treacherous world of Diablo?

Embark on an unforgettable journey as we delve into the captivating world of Diablo!

Diablo 4 is an action role-playing game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth installment in the Diablo series, following Diablo 3, and has been highly anticipated by fans of the franchise.

Diablo 4 continues the dark and gothic tone of the series, featuring a vast open world, challenging dungeons, and a rich storyline.

Diablo 4 wants you to take it seriously, and it’s clear right from the start. The game kicks off with a gripping introduction, reminiscent of Blizzard’s golden era of Warcraft 3 and its incredible cinematics.

The environments are beautifully dark and macabre, setting the stage for the intense demon-slaying action that unfolds. It’s as if the game is saying, “Hey, we heard your criticisms about Diablo 3 being too cartoonish, and we’re here to show you we mean business.”

And for the most part, Diablo 4 succeeds in its mission. The writing captures the essence of the original Diablo games, with that gothic, low fantasy atmosphere filled with hopelessness and intrigue.

But what’s even more impressive is that the world of Diablo feels alive again. It’s not just a series of disconnected maps for dungeon crawling; it’s a cohesive, immersive world with a rich history and palpable tension.

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It’s a place you can truly get lost in and explore, and that’s a welcome return for the franchise.

Diablo 4: Pros And Cons

Diablo 4 Pros And Cons


● Diablo 4 delivers a strong and positive first impression during the initial 1-2 hours of gameplay.

● The instanced dungeons offer a top-notch hack’n’slash experience, providing enjoyable challenges, especially in the endgame.

● The game runs smoothly without any noticeable frame drops during combat, even with a high number of enemies on screen.

● The world and character designs are visually appealing, with impressive attention to detail in most cases.

● The combat, particularly for the sorcerer class, feels satisfactory, and the variety of spells adds to the gameplay experience.

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● The game exhibits several unpolished aspects, such as NPC conversations disrupting the camera control and the disappearance of other NPCs and players during these conversations.

● Instances lack smooth transition effects, causing characters to abruptly appear after the area loads.

● Some textures load progressively during cutscenes, resulting in visual inconsistencies.

● Certain areas suffer from low-quality assets, including repetitive and poorly animated animal critters in the wilderness.

● Issues like quest progress bugs, difficulty walking into certain places, and movement inconsistencies detract from the overall gameplay experience.

● Spell visual effects and death animations may appear lackluster or low-quality compared to expectations, failing to deliver the weighty combat experience of the franchise.

● The open-world design and checklist-style tasks feel out of place and may not resonate with all players.

● The itemization system, particularly while leveling, lacks depth and meaningful decision-making, relying on simple stat comparisons rather than impactful choices.

Review By A Player Of Diablo In Reddit

In the vast landscape of online gaming communities, Reddit has emerged as a hub for players to discuss and share their experiences. One such game that has garnered considerable attention and generated numerous discussions on the platform is Diablo.

A dedicated Reddit user undertook the task of sharing their comprehensive thoughts and impressions through a detailed review.

Diablo-4 review


We’ve delved into the insightful review provided by a passionate Diablo 4 player, offering a glimpse into their personal experience, observations, and overall assessment of the game.

So, let’s dive into the thoughts of a fellow Redditor as they navigate the dark and treacherous world of Diablo.

Diablo 4 Review on Reddit

● In the initial 1-2 hours of playing Diablo 4, the game creates a strong and positive first impression. This could be due to various factors such as the engaging storyline, immersive atmosphere, or exciting gameplay mechanics introduced early on.

● The Instanced Dungeons in Diablo 4 are highly regarded and provide a top-notch hack’n’slash experience that lives up to the reputation of the Diablo franchise. These dungeons offer a fun and challenging gameplay experience, particularly in the endgame when players have progressed further and are seeking greater challenges.

● Performance-wise, the game runs exceptionally well without any noticeable frame drops, even during intense combat scenarios with numerous enemies on the screen simultaneously. This level of optimization contributes to a smooth and seamless gaming experience.

● The visuals of the world and characters in Diablo 4 are generally impressive. Most of the time, they look visually appealing and well-designed. However, there may be instances where certain background details, such as snow, dirt, or house decorations/interiors, may appear less polished. It’s mentioned that this issue is possibly related to a bug in the Medium texture setting, which is expected to be resolved in upcoming updates.

● The combat experience as a sorcerer in Diablo 4 is described as feeling satisfactory. It is acknowledged that melee classes might offer a more involved experience with additional mechanics and a weightier feel. However, the ability to dodge arrows and charged attacks with the spacebar is reported to provide a satisfying and responsive gameplay element.

● The variety of spells in Diablo 4 is appreciated, as each spell offers a distinct and satisfying impact. This diversity encourages players to experiment and find combinations that suit their playstyle, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the game.

● Furthermore, the user writes: In regards to Diablo 4, it seems that there are certain areas where the game exhibits signs of being unpolished or lacking attention to detail.

These aspects may give the impression that the game received a lower production investment or had less time in development than expected. Here are some of the issues mentioned:

● When engaging in conversations with NPCs about any stage of a quest, the player loses control of the camera, and often other NPCs and players in the vicinity disappear during the conversation and reappear afterward. This can break immersion and disrupt the flow of gameplay.

● Instances, such as entering or exiting dungeons, cellars, portals, or waypoints, lack visual effects like fade in/fade out. Instead, the area loads abruptly, and characters, including the player’s character and other players in town, appear suddenly after a brief delay. This absence of transition effects can make the game feel less polished.

● Occasionally, while interacting with NPCs, textures may load in a progressive manner, transitioning from lower fidelity versions to higher resolution ones. This can result in a visual inconsistency that can detract from the overall immersion and graphical quality.

● The presence of a large number of low-quality, repetitive animal critter models and their simplistic walking or death animations in the wilderness may negatively impact the immersive experience. These low-quality assets may stand out and appear out of place compared to the overall visual fidelity of the game.

● Reports of bugs, desyncs, and technical issues related to quest progress, difficulty walking into certain areas, or experiencing “rubberbanding” (a phenomenon where the character’s movement is inconsistent or jerky) can be frustrating and disrupt the smooth gameplay experience.

One aspect of Diablo 4 that detracts from the overall experience is the way enemies spawn abruptly, creating an artificial and weightless feel.

For example, when interacting with random objects in the wilderness like dead corpses, hollow trees, or barrels, enemies often materialize out of thin air instead of approaching from off-screen or setting up meaningful ambushes.

This diminishes the immersion and significance of encounters. Even when enemies utilize storytelling scenarios, such as climbing cliffs or jumping down from higher ledges, the random nature of these encounters fails to ground the world in a cohesive way.

Additionally, the quality of animations during these encounters can be subpar, such as the werewolves in the dungeon boss fight, where their animations to stand up are notably poor.

These shortcomings give the impression of rushed development and contribute to an overall lack of polish.

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Visual Effects Of Diablo 4

Diablo 4 VFX

Writing about the visual effects, the user writes: The visual effects of spells in Diablo 4 leave much to be desired and are unexpectedly lacking in quality.

Surprisingly, there are no options in the menus to adjust the settings specifically for visual effects (VFX).

This absence of customization makes it unclear whether the underwhelming visuals are due to a bug or if the developers intentionally simplified or lightened the spell effects for the beta to avoid performance issues.

Regardless, the current state of the spell effects, particularly those related to fire spells, falls far short of the captivating and visually impressive standards showcased in the teaser trailers released for the Sorcerer a few months ago.

Instead, they appear reminiscent of visuals from earlier years, lacking the visual fidelity one would expect from a modern game.

Death Animations & Ragdolls

The death animations and ragdolls in Diablo 4 are notably lackluster, especially considering the game’s attempt to surpass the acclaimed and weighty combat systems of its predecessors.

Diablo 3 showcased impressive enemy ragdolls that added a satisfying level of realism to combat, while Diablo 2’s gory pre-baked death sprites were fitting for their time.

However, in my experience with the Beta, the death animations and ragdolls in Diablo 4 fall short of expectations.

When using fire spells, defeated monsters often fall to the ground with minimal motion or variation, lacking the impact and visual diversity that would enhance the combat experience.

Moreover, a significant portion of these defeated monsters simply display a bland “burned to the bone” death effect, resulting in their charred skeletons appearing nearly identical.

Some monsters even lack proper death animations or ragdolls altogether, abruptly vanishing into nothingness upon being killed.

This lack of attention to detail in the death animations and ragdolls detracts from the immersive and satisfying combat system the game aims to deliver.

Open World Feature Of Diablo

The implementation of the open world concept in Diablo 4 has been a major disappointment. It appears that Blizzard attempted to emulate the approach taken by Lost Ark and, in doing so, missed the mark.

The overworld and open map in Diablo 4 feel excessively cluttered with numerous meaningless tasks and activities, resulting in the game becoming a tedious checklist of things to clear.

It seems to embody a soulless approach to game development, reminiscent of trends seen in the past 15 years. Diablo 4, much like Lost Ark, seems to have incorporated a little bit of everything without much of it being genuinely enjoyable or well-executed.

The mindset of “there’s something for everyone in here” seems to have guided the design, but unfortunately, it leads to a diluted and unfocused experience rather than a cohesive and engaging one.

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MMO-Lite Elements

Diablo 4 MMO-Lite Elements

The inclusion of MMO-lite elements such as resource collection in Diablo 4 feels disjointed and out of place.

It appears to be an attempt to cater to a wider audience with the notion of “this is a game everyone can enjoy.”

However, these elements do not seamlessly integrate into the Diablo experience and may not resonate with everyone.

While some players might find them appealing, I personally find them to be out of sync with the core essence of the game.

The perception of these elements ultimately varies from person to person, and it’s possible that some readers may hold a different opinion, considering them to be the most amazing addition ever.

The open world in Diablo 4 fails to provide a fulfilling experience when it comes to clearing enemies, which is a significant drawback for a Diablo game.

The issue lies in the fact that the enemies feel redundant and weightless, particularly when they spawn out of thin air during the heavily advertised “hand-crafted random events.”

As a result, enemies become nothing more than a source of experience points to collect, lacking the sense of satisfaction that comes from truly clearing a map and vanquishing foes.

This absence of a meaningful sense of accomplishment when defeating monsters diminishes the overall gameplay experience and falls short of what players would expect from a Diablo game.

Itemization In Diablo 4

The itemization in Diablo 4 reflects the messy state that was apparent since its initial reveal.

While leveling, items are plagued with numerous meaningless and inconsequential stats, resulting in a shallow decision-making process where players simply choose whichever item displays more green arrows.

The only exception to this pattern is the Legendary affix, which offers a skill buff. It’s possible that this situation may evolve as players progress through the game, but the underlying issue remains.

The current state of itemization fails to provide a deep and engaging experience, lacking meaningful choices and impactful stats that would truly enhance gameplay.


diablo 4 scaling

Diablo 4 presents a mixed picture with both positive and negative aspects.

The game initially impresses players with a strong introduction and offers enjoyable challenges in the form of instanced dungeons.

It boasts smooth performance without frame drops during combat and features visually appealing world and character designs.

The combat mechanics, particularly for the sorcerer class, offer a satisfactory experience with a variety of spells to experiment with.

However, Diablo 4 also suffers from several notable drawbacks. There are unpolished elements such as disruptive NPC conversations and instances lacking smooth transition effects.

Visual inconsistencies and low-quality assets can detract from the overall immersion, while bugs and movement issues hamper the gameplay experience.

The spell effects and death animations may not live up to expectations, and the open-world design and itemization system, particularly during leveling, leave room for improvement.

While Diablo 4 shows promise, it still has some areas that need refinement. It remains to be seen how the game will evolve and whether these issues will be addressed to deliver a truly exceptional Diablo experience.

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