DirecTV Outage: Causes, Customer Impact, Current Issues And Solutions

DirecTV Outage

Published on February 28th, 2024

If you’re experiencing issues with your DIRECTV service, you’re not alone. Recent reports from users across various locations in the US suggest widespread problems with server connections.

From Las Vegas to Miami, customers are facing disruptions in their TV signal, phone services, and internet connectivity.

DirecTV Confirms Nationwide Outage

DirecTV customers across the nation were met with frustration as a widespread outage disrupted service, leading to connection issues and error code 771 on various local and national channels.

The issue was first reported by users on DownDetector, a platform that tracks outage reports. Reports peaked at 9 a.m. Eastern Time, with around 1,100 complaints flooding in.

The Root Of The Problem

Hours into the outage, DirecTV took to X (formerly Twitter) to explain the cause. The company stated that the outage stemmed from a satellite positioning issue, affecting some satellite customers’ ability to access HD channels.

User Reports Highlighting the Frustrations

  • **STL Jayhawk**: “I was on hold 45 minutes this morning. And whoever thought the talking pigeon is funny should be fired.”
  • **Pat Hoffman**: “All very suspicious… and why are they pushing non-satellite dish?”
  • **Meb**: “I love my Directv. Have had it for about 28 years. But this is ridiculous. Still have 20 channels plus local channels out. I think we all should demand some type of a discount for the month.”

Video Streaming Challenges

Adding to the woes are reports of video streaming issues. Some users are unable to access certain channels, while others are facing constant attempts to stream with error code 771 for Satellite Signal Issues.

Insights from Affected Users

  •  **Mick Wempe**: “Austin Texas. No channels and constant attempt to stream with error code 771 Satellite Signal Issue. When will this be fixed? Can’t view and definitely lost my recordings all day. Disappointed!”
  • **Zack**: “Fort Lauderdale, FL. Issues with 771 all day today. Local channels are streaming and not able to record. Worst of all, Directv has not sent an email or updated their website with the outage.”

Website Glitches and Support Frustrations

Alongside service disruptions, customers are encountering challenges on the DIRECTV website and with customer support.

User Experiences Speak Volumes

  • **Ddoz**: “This is ridiculous! You call and can’t get anyone to answer. They can at least put an outage banner on the website and the phone. They owe their customers better support.”
  • **Huskergram**: “I read where someone else saw ‘satellite positioning’ on their site but I didn’t actually go look. I’m about done with DirecTV.”

Outage Map and Customer Sentiments

A live outage map reveals the most affected locations, with cities like Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and Miami showing the highest reports.

Customers are expressing frustration, demanding answers, and seeking compensation for the prolonged service disruptions.

What Customers Can Do

Acknowledging the inconvenience, DirecTV outlined temporary solutions for affected users. Customers were advised to utilize the DIRECTV app on their mobile devices or connected TVs to continue watching their programming.

Another option provided was activating SignalSaver via an internet connection on a compatible set-top box.

Customer Response and Ongoing Updates

Even as the day progressed, reports of outages persisted, with more than 1,000 reports still registered on DownDetector by 4:51 p.m. Eastern Time.

This nationwide disruption follows closely on the heels of a recent outage experienced by AT&T, DirecTV’s parent company, affecting cellphone services across the U.S.

Insights into the Recent AT&T Outage

A week prior to the DirecTV incident, AT&T faced a significant outage attributed to a coding error.

The disruption affected thousands of users before services were fully restored. AT&T clarified that the outage was not the result of a cyberattack but rather an internal coding issue.

Compensation for Affected Users

AT&T announced on its website that affected customers would receive a $5 credit on their accounts within two billing cycles as a gesture of goodwill.

However, this credit does not extend to AT&T Business, prepaid services, or Cricket, its budget wireless service.

Q&A Section

Q: How Long Did The DirecTV Outage Last?

A: The outage persisted for several hours, with reports peaking around 9 a.m. Eastern Time and ongoing reports throughout the day.

Q: What Caused The DirecTV Outage?

A: DirecTV cited a satellite positioning issue as the root cause of the nationwide outage, affecting the ability of some customers to access HD channels.

Q: How Can DirecTV Customers Continue Watching Their Programming During The Outage?

A: Affected customers were advised to use the DIRECTV app on their mobile devices or connected TVs. Alternatively, they could activate SignalSaver via an internet connection on a compatible set-top box.

Q: Is There An Estimated Time For Service Restoration?

A: DIRECTV has not provided a clear timeline for when the issues will be resolved, leaving customers anxious for updates.

Q: How Can Customers Stay Informed About The Outage Status?

A: Users are encouraged to check the official DIRECTV website for updates, although some express dissatisfaction with the lack of communication from the provider.