Discord Broadens Offering With Custom Avatars And Virtual Items For Sale

Discord Custom Avatars

Published on December 4th, 2023

5 takeaways: Discord Broadens Offering Custom Avatars And Virtual Items For Sale

  • Inclusive Marketplace
  • Discounts for Nitro Members
  • Diverse Digital Decorations
  • Ad-Free Approach
  • Community Empowerment

Discord is transforming its virtual shop into a vibrant marketplace for everyone! Initially launched in October, the in-app shop offered premium subscribers the chance to elevate their profiles with digital decorations.

Now, Discord is making these cosmetic updates accessible to all users, regardless of whether they have a Nitro subscription.

Even though Nitro members will enjoy a discount on these virtual items, the exciting news is that starting today, anyone can dive into the world of profile customization.

This virtual shop, conveniently located in the profile settings page, introduces two enchanting options: avatar decorations that cloak your profile picture in fantasy, anime, or other themes, and profile effects that add dazzling animations, from fluttering cherry blossoms to dramatic shattering glass.

Once you’ve snagged these digital delights, you can mix and match them based on your mood. Discord even has a fresh seasonal collection, a “winter wonderland” theme, ready for users to explore.

While some might raise an eyebrow at yet another platform venturing into the realm of decorative digital goods, Discord’s move reflects a commitment to steering clear of intrusive ads within its chat app.

Contrary to more traditional social media platforms relying on aggressive in-feed advertising, Discord has chosen to enhance its premium Nitro subscription.

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Priced at either $2.99 or $9.99 a month, Nitro offers users a blend of entertaining customizations and practical perks, appealing to both casual and power users.

From custom emojis to larger upload sizes and HD video streaming, Nitro’s features are designed to enrich the Discord experience for community-building and business purposes alike.

What’s fascinating is that Discord is not just about personal gain.

Although the avatar decorations and animations are currently crafted by Discord itself, the company has expressed interest in empowering its community to monetize the platform.

There are hints of a future where server owners could showcase and sell their own digital goods.

For now, Discord’s expanded virtual shop marks a new revenue stream for the platform, but true to its community-centric ethos, the company is likely to keep its users involved in the journey ahead.

Something intriguing to watch out for!

Feature Image Source: ELLA DON