Discord’s Exclusive In-App Shop Will Be Accessible To All Users!

Discord Opening In-App Shop for Everyone

Published on December 5th, 2023

5 Takeaways: Discord Opening In-App Shop for Everyone

  • Inclusive Access
  • Diverse Offerings
  • Nitro Subscriber Benefits
  • Seasonal Updates
  • Permanent Ownership

In a significant update back in October, Discord unveiled a host of exciting features, notably an in-app shop designed for users to enhance their avatars and profiles within Discord servers.

Initially exclusive to Discord Nitro subscribers, this virtual marketplace offered a range of purchasable items, including dynamic animations for avatars and eye-catching profile effects.

After an exclusive period for Nitro subscribers, Discord has now extended access to the in-app shop to all users, ushering in a new era of customization and personalization for the entire Discord community.

If you’re a Nitro subscriber, you’ve likely explored the shop already, but now, all users can join in on the creative fun that the shop has to offer.

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Where Is The Discord Shop?

To explore the offerings in the Discord Shop, you’ll need to access the platform via a web browser or the desktop app, as the mobile version currently does not support the shop feature.

Once you’re on the web browser or desktop app, locate the Discord button in the top-left corner, usually positioned for direct messages. Click on it, and you’ll notice three options: Friends, Nitro, and Shop.

Selecting the “Shop” option will transport you to your destination—the Discord Shop itself. Alternatively, you can access the shop while customizing your profile.

Look for a designated button in the profile customization section that will directly lead you to the shop.

So, whether you’re navigating through the main menu or tweaking your profile settings, the Discord Shop is easily accessible for users keen on exploring and acquiring new customization options.

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What’s In The Discord Shop?

The Discord Shop currently features a diverse range of offerings, neatly organized into four categories: Fantasy, Anime, Breakfast, and DISXCORE.

Originally introduced in October, additional categories like Halloween and Fall have been part of the lineup.

Within each category, users can explore various profile customizations and effects, such as a popping treasure chest, anime-style emotes, and unique backgrounds—all available for purchase.

Prices range from $3.99 to $11.99, with Discord Nitro subscribers enjoying exclusive discounts. Notably, Nitro users currently have complimentary access to the DISXCORE collection.

Although the available sets will change over time, any purchased items are yours to keep, unaffected by seasonality or availability.

Discord plans to introduce a winter-themed set soon, along with another collection before the year concludes. Excitingly, the option to gift items will also be introduced.

Discord emphasizes that the Shop will consistently receive updates, urging users to check back periodically for new additions.

This week, the Discord Shop opens its doors to all users, extending its creative offerings to both Nitro subscribers and non-subscribers alike.

Discord introduced a Shop in October, initially for Nitro subscribers, offering avatar and profile customizations.

Now open to all users, the Shop features categories like Fantasy and Anime, with purchasable items ranging from $3.99 to $11.99.

Nitro subscribers enjoy discounts and free access to the DISXCORE collection. Despite rotations in available sets, purchased items are permanent.

Winter-themed and upcoming collections are expected, with the added option to gift items.

Regular updates will bring fresh additions to the digital shelves, making the Discord Shop a dynamic hub for profile personalization and creativity.

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