How To Dispose Of Your Renovation Scraps Responsibly

Dispose Of Your Renovation Scraps Responsibly_1

Published on December 13th, 2018

Its springtime, the weather is soothing and pleasant, and it’s just the right time for you to roll up your sleeves and give your house a thorough clean-up. Your tenure of tenancy has expired, and you quickly need to move to a different home which is smaller in size than the previous one.

Your kids are bored with their room, and they need a revamp. You have decided to remodel your entire house to welcome your new baby. These are some of the everyday situations we all go through.

Dispose Of Your Renovation Scraps Responsibly_1

What lies underneath in each of these cases is the need to do away with the waste that generates while you clean your house, move to a different house, revamp or remodel your home. Disposal of waste is a responsibility of each one of us who are equally responsible for generating waste.

Hiring waste removal experts or availing waste removal services not only assists you in removing your junk and disposing of it responsibly, but it also ensures that this entire process becomes a breeze for you.

Just call your nearby dumpster rental service companies and get rid of those unnecessary, unwanted, non-useable and outdated items in the shortest possible time. In Houston dumpster rental service companies are famous for their expertise and professionalism in the area of waste disposal.

Etiquettes Of Dumping Waste

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Although, the idea of all your junk is removed right from the front of your eyes can be exciting as well as relieving, it is very important to have the basic etiquettes of what you can dump and what you cannot dump.

Some items can be easily dumped, and the waste removal company will have no problem to deal with, but other things can prove to be dangerous for the landfill or the landfill workers.

If you want to dispose of old clothes, furniture, toys, or waste from your attic, then such items can be easily removed. However, if you have to dispose of the things labeled as poisonous, hazardous or toxic, you need to give second thoughts.

  • If you have to dispose of weighty items such as broken concrete, then you must pre-inform the dumpster rental company and clarify in advance if they have other means of discarding really heavy objects.
  • When it comes to chemicals and unnoticeable items such as batteries, you must be extra cautious in disposing them. You must dispose of chemicals in a way that it doesn’t come in contact with the landfill workers or it doesn’t affect the area of a landfill, as they can prove to be very hazardous to anything that comes in their contact.
  • Similarly, batteries, although quite small in size, should be disposed of prudently. They contain harmful elements that if once start seeping out of the battery, can prove to be dangerous to humans as well as soil.
  • In the case of paints, one needs to be very cautious. The chemicals and oils present in the paint make it harmful, and it can permanently damage anything that comes in direct contact with them.
  • Ink cartridges are also one of those items that you shouldn’t straight away throw in the heap of waste. Pack them in special bags supplied by printer manufacturers or supply stores and then disposed of.
  • You should dispose of motor oil, anti-freeze and other solvents such as spirits and thinners by carefully pouring in plastic bottles or cans. In many cases, garages can accept and recycle such liquids. Check if they take it before you do away with them.
  • E-waste or electronic waste needs disposal in a particular way. You cannot just throw away your smartphone in the pile of garbage neither can you send your old broken electronic appliances to any other landfill. There are safer and greener alternatives of handling E-waste. One way is to drop them off at the shop you had purchased them from. The shops will be more than happy to accept old technology, and sometimes instead of discounts on new products. Another way is to drop your waste at some E-waste drive which is meant to take and recycle your old and outdated appliances. Also, some companies can pick up such waste right from your house ensuring that eWaste doesn’t end up being in a landfill. This option suits those people who have no time for the previous two alternatives.


Recycling At Home

Dispose Of Your Renovation Scraps Responsibly

With time, the dangerous chemicals and other contaminants contained in E-waste, batteries, and paints can have severe adverse effects on both the workers at a landfill as well as the land itself. The methods of recycling such items and the like are different.

It is therefore essential on your part to convey it to your dumpster rental service about the kind of waste that you are willing to do away with. However, you can certain household items can be recycled at your homes itself.

  • Paper of all types, including newspapers, old books, magazines, shredded paper, printed or plain papers. Recycling paper and then reusing them can prevent air pollution and can save trees from getting cut for production of documents.
  • Aluminum cans such as beer bottles or any other beverage bottles can get recycled into new aluminum products. They can be cleaned and melted to form different aluminum products. Recycling, instead of producing aluminum products right from scratch can save energy and water in a significant measure.
  • Glass jars and containers can be used and reused. Jars that contained liquids can be used to store medicines or clips or maybe, buttons. Unless you break them, you can use glass items can be used in multiple ways. Otherwise, it can be melted and molded in new shapes and forms. Recycled glass can drastically cut water pollution that would have otherwise happened.
  • You can reuse cardboards as a base for any storage. Cardboard production requires a good amount of oil. Recycling it can save a lot of energy.

So, the next time before you throw away a piece of waste, stop for a second and think if it can be reused or recycled.