Do You Need Coronary Angioplasty? Consult A Recommended Heart Specialist In Singapore


October 27th, 2018   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Health is wealth. And the human heart health plays an instrumental role in our overall well-being. Incorporating good practices that will promote a stable heart condition is essential.

And it is equally necessary to know about the heart disease treatments when it’s required to arrive at a correct decision. A heart treatment like coronary angioplasty is a boon to humanity. But it is essential to know when a patient needs an angioplasty and when not.

You could be on vacation in Singapore with your family, and someone might develop a critical heart ailment. And it might or might not require a coronary angioplasty treatment. Only an ace heart specialist or clinic can provide the best judgment. You can browse through to know and read more on this.

Understanding Coronary Angioplasty

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Simply put, our coronary arteries supply nutrients, oxygen, and blood to the heart. It helps the heart to function properly. Sometimes, arteries develop plaques that may harden and narrow them.

It restricts the overall blood flow, resulting in atherosclerosis. Such blockages can result in acute chest pains. Sometimes, it can lead to a heart attack as well. Only a heart specialist can provide you with an apt line of treatment.

Coronary angioplasty is usually the cure. It helps to correct the blood supply process to the heart. Furthermore, it helps to heal the chest pain, minimize the chances for heart attack and also ensures your physical agility.


Do You Require Coronary Angioplasty?

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Your heart specialist will assess multiple factors before deciding on coronary angioplasty. The factors include the following:

  • The Heart Health And Symptoms – Your present heart health will determine the heart treatment procedure. Also, the doctor will look into the severity of the symptoms, from mild to acute, to decide the line of treatment.
  • Medications – Have you been taking any heart-related medications? If yes, then your doctor will check into the daily dosage consumed.
  • The Blockage Location – Generally, most doctors use angiography to see the affected vascular system. It is an imaging test that helps to check the expanse of the affected region. After reviewing, your doctor might decide to treat different areas separately.
  • The Blood Flow Rate – Any obstruction of 50% and above in your left main coronary artery or the primary epicardial, is considered critical. Your doctor will assess the blood flow using a non-evasive testing process. Here, the doctor will also check for any high-risk conditions that might be present. Assessing it right at the start is helpful. It will determine the apt treatment procedure.

Each of the factors holds importance. An expert heart specialist will consider the benefits along with the potential risks associated.

Few of the common complexities for coronary angioplasty include artery damage, blood vessel damage, and excess bleeding. Thanks to the new age advanced medications and treatments that significant complications are under control today.

However, it’s always important to follow practices that lead to stable heart health. And, should any complication arise when you are out on holiday, ensure that you seek expert and professional assistance. It will provide you correct cure and heart health safety.

Health Disclaimer :

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