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How This Starving Homeless Dog Became An Instagram Star Through Unlikely Foodie Pictures.


Published on February 2nd, 2017

Long before Popeye, the Foodie, discovered Instagram fame, he was just a lonely stray dog wandering the streets of Los Angeles.Thankfully, those horrible days as a stray pup are now long behind Popeye. Adopted three years ago by Ivy and Nickson Diep, of Los Angeles, the four-year-old appears to enjoy a life of challenging lunch dates around his hometown in California.

Now, he spends his time hopping between trendy, dog-friendly restaurants, ‘gramming adorable snaps to his following of over 112,000 fans and counting. Although seated nicely in front of delicious foods, Popeye’s mom reports he only gets nibbles of dog-friendly foods.

Meet Popeye, the adorable rescue dog of unknown breed drawing 132k followers to his page



Popeye always looks right at home with a plateful and a cleverly coordinated outfit



All his indulgences are documented on his personal Instagram page @PopeyeTheFoodie


Popeye’s breed is unknown but many speculate he could be a Yorkie/Maltese – a ‘Morkie’



Mother Ivy says: ‘Popeye is very good around food unless we handfeed him’


‘He has licked some foods before, but he doesn’t ever lunge for the food,’ she says



When Ivy found Popeye, he was tarving, just 3kgs, unwashed and he didn’t know how to play



Ivy says: ‘We sure enjoy putting on Popeye’s clothes. He wears them pretty well’



From tiny sombreros to miniature cowboy hats, Popeye loves dressing up and posing



The owners of Popeye, pictured here with a pal, say: ‘He has some of the sweetest fans’


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Video Source: Barcroft TV: youtubechannel