Know Well About Dog Clippers And Acquire The Grooming Skills Before Taking The Onus Of Grooming Your Pet


June 16th, 2018   |   Updated on February 4th, 2019

It is not that all poodle lovers would like to groom their pets by using the best clippers because there would be some who love to use grooming shears.

However, such people are only a few because the majority would go for poodle clippers created just for the breed.

Poodles are such lovingly cute pets with an elegant charm and such pleasing grace that its owner would not mind to invest in clippers. Dog clippers are a good investment if you plan to do the grooming on your own.

Dog Clippers And Acquire

Poodles are such beautiful creatures that you must maintain its coat with care so that the furry appeal remains intact. Grooming poodles should not be difficult if you have the right kind of clippers at your disposal. However, it needs some practice to become perfect in using the tool.

Is grooming a downside?

Poodles are adorable and affectionate animals that wonderfully fit into any household. It is a very agile and fun-loving pet that can light up the environment of homes and one of the most popular breeds in the US. Compared to some other breeds, Poodles have a downside, if you consider the need for intermittent grooming.

Dog Clippers And Acquire

Poodles as pets can be quite expensive to maintain because you have to take to groomers every 3 to 6 weeks. However, you can save some money if you take up the task of grooming the pet on your own.

The task might not be easy if you do not have the inclination for practicing it to acquire the skills. In addition, you must buy high quality clippers for poodles that can make the task easy.

The type of motors for clippers

1. Rotary Motor

Dog Clippers And Acquire

Considering that poodles have a heavy coat, you must buy clippers driven by a pair of rotary motors. This is the type of clippers that professional groomers use.

The clippers have the power to cut through heavy, long and thick coats and matting. High speed is necessary for matting because it has to perform a higher number of strikes per minute. Moreover, it speeds up the work.

2. Pivot Motor

Dog Clippers And Acquire

For pets with the medium coat, although you have to cut through a decent amount of fur, the need for power is less. While clippers with electromagnetic motors can do the work, a pivot motor is the best choice.


3. Electromagnetic Motors

Dog Clippers And Acquire

The need for grooming pets with thin coats is the least, and it might not at all require taking it to groomers. Periodic grooming at home with clippers powered by electromagnetic motors would suffice. Since the coat is thin and light, clippers need the least power to cut it.

Start by trying out grooming over a small and innocuous area on the pet body that would also let you know how the pet tolerates it.

The channel at the center of the dog’s neck and back, are places to begin with when you are going for full grooming. Check if the blades are heating up and use the clipper intermittently to prevent it.