These Intimate Photos Reveal Passionate Relationship Between Melania And Donald Trump

Melania And Donald Trump

October 20th, 2018   |   Updated on March 18th, 2024

America’s first couple Donald and Melania Trump don’t get much privacy when it comes to their relationship.

It all began when Donald Trump showed up to a Fashion Week party in 1998 at New York nightclub, the Kit Kat Club, hosted by model agency top man Paolo Zampolli, who introduced him to supermodel Melania Knauss.

After two years of dating, Trump asked Melania to move in with him at Trump Tower. In the following years, the two would go on to date on and off until their engagement in 2004.

Mr Trump proposed to Knauss at the Costume Institute Gala, adorning her finger with a $1.5 million diamond engagement ring he picked out himself.

The two married in 2005. Melania’s wedding dress, said at the time to be one of the most expensive wedding gowns ever made worth an estimated $100,000, was designed by John Galliano for Dior.

The couple spent their honeymoon at Mar-a-Lago, the beach resort that Mr Trump owns in Palm Beach, Florida.

Let’s look at these photos of Melania and Donald Trump to see how their relationship has evolved over the years!

1. Donald Trump And Melania Knauss At The Mar-A-Lago Club On Jan. 7, 2001.


2. Trump Met Melania At A Party During New York’S Fashion Week In September 1998. He Was 52; She Was 28.


3. Donald Trump And Melania Knauss Jan. 2, 2003.


4. He Came To The Party With Another Woman, But Reportedly Talked To Melania While His Date Was In The Bathroom.


5. Melania Knauss With Donald Trump, The 2002 Recipient Of The Judge James R. Knott Award — The Highest Accolade Given By The Historical Society Of Palm Beach County.


6. After Seeing Melania For The First Time, Trump Said He “Went Crazy.” He Asked For Her Number, But She Asked For His Number Instead.


7. Donald Trump And His Girlfriend Dance After Dinner At Mar-A Lago On New Year’S Eve, December 31, 2003.


8. Melania Said She Felt An Immediate Connection. “It Was Great Chemistry And Energy. We Had A Great Time,” She Said On Cnn In 2005. “We Started To Talk And Something Was There Right Away.”


9. Donald Trump And Girlfriend Melania Knauss Dance After Dinner At Mar-A Lago On New Year’S Eve, December 31, 2003, In Palm Beach.


10. Melania Bolstered Trump’s Image As A Playboy. She Told Radio Host Howard Stern In 1999 That They Had Sex Multiple Times Per Day.


11. Donald Trump And Melania Knauss At The Life (Leaders In Furthering Education) Lady In Red Gala In December 2004.


12. Amid Trump’s Run For President As A Reform Party Candidate In 2000, He And Melania Separated.


13. Melania Knauss In A Luisa Beccaria Dress At The Mar-A-Lago Club April 1, 2004.


14. After The Breakup, Trump Told The New York Times That “Melania Is An Amazing Woman, A Terrific Woman, A Great Woman, And She Will Be Missed.” A Few Months Later, They Got Back Together.


15. Melania Knauss Wearing A Gown By Designer Luisa Beccaria At Mar-A-Lago April 1, 2004.


16. Just Like Trump’S First Two Wives Before Her, Melania Reportedly Signed A Prenup. Gossip Columnist Liz Smith Said Trump Told Her, “The Beautiful Thing Is That She Agrees With It. She Knows I Have To Have That.”


17. The Couple Spent Their Honeymoon At Mar-A-Lago, The Beach Resort That Trump Owns In Palm Beach, Florida.


18. Donald Trump And Melania Knauss At A New Year’S Eve Party At Mar-A-Lago On Dec. 31, 2004.


19. During a 2005 CNN interview, Trump described his relationship as stress-free: “We literally have never had an argument. We just are very compatible.”


20. Donald And Melania Trump At The International Red Cross Ball Held At Mar-A-Lago On Jan. 29, 2015.


21. Melania Trump Waves After Marrying Donald Trump At The Episcopal Church Of Bethesda By-The-Sea In Palm Beach Jan. 22, 2005.


22. After Trump’s Election Victory, One Of Melania’S Friends Said Melania Didn’T Want To Be First Lady “Come Hell Or High Water.” Melania’S Communications Director Denied The Allegation, Saying She Encouraged Trump To Run For President.


23. Donald And Melania Trump At The Art For Life Charity Event At Mar-A-Lago, In March 2005.


24. Rumors Of Discord Swirled When Melania Didn’T Move Into The White House Until Five Months After Her Husband’S Inauguration. She Said She Wanted Barron To Finish Out The School Year Before Moving.


25. Melania Trump Carries Eight-Month-Old Barron William After His Baptism At The Episcopal Church Of Bethesda-By-The-Sea On Dec. 8, 2006.


26. On Several Occasions, Melania Seemed To Avoid Holding Hands With Her Husband. Twitter Users And Left-Leaning Media Outlets Pointed To Those Instances As Signs Of A Crumbling Presidential Relationship.


27. Melania And Donald Trump Exit The Episcopal Church Of Bethesda-By-The-Sea After The Baptism Of Eight-Month-Old Barron William Trump On Dec. 8, 2006.


28. Trump Has Denied The Affair, But It’s Still Unclear What Impact The News Has Had On Melania. The Two Were Married At The Time Of The Purported Encounter.


29. 032511 PBDN Jeffrey Langlois 2 Of 3 Melania Trump And Petra Levin Review The Menu That Zach Bell Prepared For Them.


30. From The Outside, The Trump’s Marriage Seems To Be Strained. And All Eyes Will Be Watching Whether The First Couple Can Weather This Storm.


31. 021812 PBDN Debbie Schatz 15 Photos 21st Annual Discovery Celebration to Benefit Dana Farber at Mar-a-Lago


32. Barron, Melania And Donald Trump Make Their Way Across The Grass To The Show Jumping Competition At Mar-A-Lago On Sunday. 010613 PBDN Melanie Bell 6 Melania Trump Gets The Attention Of Her And Donalds’S Son, Barron As The Trumps Make Their Way To The Event.


33. Donald, Barron And Melania Trump At The New Years Eve Celebration At Mar-A-Lago Dec. 31, 2014.


34. 020417 Pbdn Meghan Mccarthy President Donald Trump And Melania Trump Arrive At The Diamond Centennial Red Cross Ball At Mar-A-Lago Club Saturday.


35. First Lady Melania Trump Gets Out Of Of A Suburban To Greet Her Husband President Donald J. Trump After He Arrives Aboard Air Force One At Palm Beach International Airport In West Palm Beach, Florida On February 3, 2017. The Trumps Will Be Spending The Weekend At His Mar-A-Lago Estate In Palm Beach.

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