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November 7th, 2017   |   Updated on November 10th, 2017

Are you looking for the best value for the DSL Provider Services around? Here I am sharing you a comparison of offered by the best DSL Service Providers. To find out the one that offers the best value for money, read on.

What is DSL Connection

Since broadband internet connection got introduced as the best internet service technology, things moved faster and today a handful of advanced broadband technologies are competing each other to serve their customers better. Here we would talk about the DSL service of Internet which has brought a revolutionary speed in the world of internet.

When asked about choosing the best DSL service providers of Canada, a senior staff from radioactif gave us an insight that changed the way we looked at such services so far.

He went explaining that when we connect to the Internet, through a regular modem to a local-area network connection. The same can be done through a digital subscriber line which in short, we call a DSLconnection. DSL arereferred as high-speed connection that make use of the same wires as that of a regular telephone line as they give an uninterrupted flow of service to the end users.
He suggested that one should check on the following issues before going for one: A good DSL service provider should provide you with the following advantages:

  • Start with setting up a proper broadband plan.
  • Ask about how much speed you can require at the maximum level.
  • Show up their current and ongoing data plan offers.
  • Check the existing internet speed.
  • Check out the speed of surfing and downloading.
  • Won’t hesitate to share with you all possible company feedback taken from their existing customers.
  • Would not have any hidden charges.
  • There should be an Online recharge facility in place.
  • A support 24×7 customer care that would respond to your queries at any hour of the day and troubleshoot them within 24 hrs.

Here are the names and brief description of few popular Canadian DSL Service Provider who promise to be consisting of all the above-said features and support system.

MNSi Telecom

MNSi an abbreviation of Managed Network Systems Inc. which is doing business underthe label of MNSi Telecomis a Canada based Internet service and phone provider located in Windsor, Ontario.

There is a dedicated professional team who reaches you in time with their technical support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can call them up at 519-258-2333 or shoot an email to thecustomer care executives at [email protected]

In lower tier the Download capacity is 7Mbits and Upload is Mbit. It gives a monthly Cap of 400 GB. In the higher tier, the Download capacity is 7 Mbits and Upload 1Mbit but doesn’t include any monthly Cap. This provider works in the Southwestern Ontarioregion.

Internet Lightspeed

As am Internet Solutions Provider in Western Canada since 1993, Internet Lightspeed is offering service of High Speed ADSL Internet covering most cities across the borders of British Columbia and Alberta. It has been considered as one of the most popular internet service provider that has delivered High Speed Internet to more than thousands of Businesses as well as Homes in both the provinces. The increasing demandof VOIP and Video requires more such services, and Internet Lightspeed team can cater their customers with care.

Their package starts with 6 Mbits Download capacity and 1 Mbit Upload capacity in the lower tier with a monthly cap of 325GB while it provides 250 Mbits of Download and 15 Mbits of Uploading capacity in the higher tier with no monthly cap.

Comwave Telenetworks

Comwave Telenetworks is a Canadian telecommunication servicing company that based in Toronto. Working since 1999 in Ontario and Quebec, it has served over five hundred cities in Canada and more than thousands in the United States. Comwave claims to play a leading role in Voice over IP (VoIP) and home phone, small business phone lines,mobile callingand high-speed internet services.

Comwave gives 6Mbit Download capacity 0.78Mbits Upload capacity in their lower tier and 50 Mbit Download capacity and 4 Mbit Upload capacity in the higher tier. They don’t ask for any monthly cap for any of their tiers.

Summing Up

With the above said information, you can select the particular DSL service you get in Canada. But do remember to check out on the features before you pay for one.