A List Of Best Practices For The Proper And Effective Care Of Braces: What You Should Know


Published on December 6th, 2018

Having braces may not be easy, especially at first, but you know very well that it will have a great result over time.

Braces can make your teeth perfectly aligned, leading to an overall better smile and a more aesthetically-pleasing look. But if you have braces or are still thinking of having braces for your teeth, you need to know how to take proper and effective care of them as well.

The worst thing you can do when you have braces is to neglect them – it defeats the purpose of having braces in the first place, doesn’t it? Here, then, is a list of best practices for the proper and effective care of braces: what you should know.

1. Proper Cleaning

Effective Care Of Braces_2

If you have braces, your priority is to keep them clean. It’s really that simple, and it’s essential as well because bacteria, food, and plaque can quickly build up in between the brackets. For proper brushing, hold your toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees and make sure to clean and brush around the pins and wires of the braces.

It’s also essential to brush the teeth at least two times a day or every time you eat. Finally, flossing is also a necessary task, so make it a point to floss at least once every day so you can get rid of stubborn particles in between teeth which can also lead to bacteria and bad breath.


2. What You Should Avoid

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There are also certain foods which are not good for you if you have braces, as you may already know. But to be more explicit, you should avoid food such as popcorn, nuts, gum, hard or sticky candy, and tough meat such as dried meat or jerky. You should also avoid biting your fingernails if you have braces, and this also includes avoiding the habit of biting pens and pencils.

But while you may already know that you should avoid candy and gum, you should also avoid other food, such as hard fruits and vegetables, as an experienced orthodontist from Woodbridge VA’s American Braces Smile Center will tell you.

For instance, it wouldn’t be a good idea to bite into an apple if you have braces. The same is true if you bite into a carrot or a piece of celery. If the fruit or vegetable is whole and you bite into it with your braces, the wires of the braces may bend or be pulled or pried loose.

The best solution is to cut the fruit or vegetable into smaller, bite-sized pieces so you can more easily chew them with your back molars rather than with your front teeth.


3. Don’t Miss Those Appointments!

Effective Care Of Braces

When you have braces, you will have a regular schedule of appointments with your orthodontist – so you also have to make sure you don’t miss them! These regular appointments are necessary because this is the time when your orthodontist can check your braces and make possible adjustments.

This is also the time when you can raise various concerns with your orthodontist, especially if you have pain or a portion of the braces gets damaged.