Emerging Mobile Gaming Trends That Will Define The Future Of The Industry

Emerging Mobile Gaming Trends

July 3rd, 2018   |   Updated on June 6th, 2022

Everyone knows that mobile gambling is becoming increasingly popular. And according to experts, mobile gaming will keep on growing in the following years.

Incidentally, there are several mobile casino trends which show that not only will mobile gambling keep on growing in the future, but sooner or later, it may become the only form of gambling available.

Of course, some still prefer gambling at land-based venues. They have certainly retained their prestige.

But, the fact that they are more inconvenient than mobile casinos, as well as that land-based casinos offer less attractive promotions to players, certainly makes them less popular among the average casino player.

And, given the mobile trends that we will discuss below, land-based venues might never again regain their popularity.

1. Virtual Reality

You may have heard that virtual reality is the future of video gaming, but it is also the future of mobile gaming.

Virtual Reality technology has been around for some time and today some of the leading brands have released their own virtual reality headsets. Moreover, the virtual reality market is estimated to reach $108 billion by 2021.

Nevertheless, it is still too early for casino operators to take part in this flourishing business.

Currently, there are few games which utilise virtual reality technology. What is more, virtual reality equipment is still considerably expensive.

Consequently, not many people own virtual reality equipment. But the situation will not remain thus for long.

In the near future, virtual reality will expand, and with it the number of players owning virtual reality equipment will substantially increase as well.

And then, casino operators will take their share of the virtual reality industry.

Innovative casino operators have already announced their intentions to introduce virtual reality to their casinos.

What we can expect from such mobile casinos like is a unique gaming experience.

Imagine hitting the jackpot on a slot game in a VR casino – coins will fall from the sky to celebrate your big win.

With virtual reality, you will be able to teleport yourself to luxurious casinos all over the world while at the same time playing from the comfort of your own home.


2. Cryptocurrency Gambling

The past several years saw the rise of cryptocurrencies and even though most people disapproved of them at first, today a large number of renown venues accept cryptocurrency payments.

Nowadays, some of the best mobile casino operators accept cryptocurrency payments.

According to experts, cryptocurrencies are perfect for mobile casino players. First of all, they allow for an unparalleled anonymity.

Secondly, as there are no intermediaries, cryptocurrency transactions have very small or no fees. Additionally, cryptocurrencies are favourable as they offer more security to players’ winnings.

When you hit the jackpot of a mobile casino, the money will simply be transferred to your e-Wallet.


3. Increasing Gamification

For those who do not know, gamification is the process of immersing a player in the game process.

Gamification allows players to compare their scores with that of others, challenge them, try to become the best and receive various rewards.

You might think the concept does not fit the world of mobile gambling, but you are wrong. Contrary to common belief, mobile casinos take advantage of gamification like no other business.

Traditionally, mobile casinos feature three types of gamification – leaderboards, loyalty points, and missions.

Leaderboards are primarily used in online slots. The concept of leaderboards is centered around points – the more points you get (you receive them by playing certain slots), the higher up the leaderboard you go.

And who does not want to be on top?

The second type of gamification—loyalty points—is again centered around points.

The idea is that the more time you spend playing at a mobile casino, the more points you will accumulate.

Mobile casino operators give all sorts of rewards – from Free spins and unique promotions to VIP treatment, etc.

Arguably the most creative type of gamification used by online casino operators are missions.

Generally, operators announce a certain mission or a goal that must be completed or achieved in a specific period of time in order to receive appealing rewards.


4. Content Push

Naturally, casinos invest a lot of effort into keeping up pace with latest trends.

And, since one of the latest trends is the global push for content, casino operators gladly embrace it.

Consequently, mobile gaming software providers are increasingly using content from movies and TV shows in their games.

While traditional gambling themes have not vanished completely, such games are steadily becoming unattractive to the average gambler.

As you know, there already is a great variety of movie- and TV show-themed slots.

However, with increasing content push, mobile gaming software providers are likely to influence the type of content which is used in their games in order to achieve a perfect balance and promote both the game and its theme.