Buzzworthy Brilliance: The Top 20 Trending Essay Ideas

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March 5th, 2018   |   Updated on April 29th, 2024

2018 has a lot in store for us. It’s barely two months away, and there is already a lot of trending topics, lots of stories to tell, lots of topics to write about. These topics are diverse: sports, entertainment, politics, art, health care, finances, technology, social networking, just about anything.

Choosing to write an essay on a trending topic is a brilliant idea. Not only are you likely to engage your readers with a recent and relevant information you are also more likely to improve your research skills and ability to think critically.

It’s quite easy to know which topics are trending now around the world. Thanks to social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, we know that Black Panther is currently trending in the cinemas and movie industry. We also know about the mass school shooting in Florida and the movement against gun possession.

We also know about the legalization of cannabis, and the major impact it has not only on society but also on the stock exchange. And, let’s not forget about cryptocurrency. The epic downslide of Bitcoin can’t easily be forgotten. Artificial intelligence is clearly here to stay and is gaining ground fast. President Donald Trump has been creating a lot of stirs lately; Russia, immigration, Abortion laws, infidelity.

Freelancing is fast becoming a trend as Americans are quitting their jobs for the flexibility and freedom freelancing provides. You shouldn’t also forget the trends in the entertainment industry; Super Bowl, Grammy Awards, Beyonce. Roger Federer made it big in the sports industry, earlier this year he was named the ‘World’s Oldest Top-Ranked Tennis Player’.

It is pretty obvious that there are lots of trending topics in 2018 to write about. Do you wish to write an engaging piece of article? Are you looking for a list of trending topics to brainstorm on? Then, go ahead. We’ve come up with a list of twenty trending topics you can write on these days.

Remember that these topics have lots of angles. Which is why you should take time to brainstorm and research before choosing the right topic for your essay. You can also get the opinions of your family, friends, colleagues, and lecturers. Their suggestions can go a long way in your essay.

In no particular order, these are the trending topics in 2018:

1. Cryptocurrency. This has been around since as far back as 2008. However, it became suddenly popular in 2016. In December 2017, Bitcoin hit an impressive $16,000.


2. Mass school shooting. The mass school shooting at Florida still makes everyone discuss the issue. There are different angles to apportion this: gun control legislation, mental illnesses, even the effect of social media.


3. Black Panther. #Wakandaforever. Black Panther seems to have all the blacks, both African Americans and Africans, gathered into a movement. Released early February, Black Panther has been shutting down the cinemas ever since.

Black Panther



4. FIFA. FIFA 2018 is holding in Russia. There is a lot to write about.


5. Cannabis. Since the legalization of cannabis in some parts of America, there’s been a rise in the production marketing and sales of this drug.


6. Artificial intelligence. It’s pretty obvious that artificial intelligence is here to stay. Robots are smarter and more efficient and very likely to take our jobs soon.


7. Donald Trump. The president of America has a lot of stories to tell us. He is a constant major headline in most American newspapers.


8. Billy Graham. The world’s most beloved evangelist died at 98. Billy Graham was listed as one of the top 100 most influential people in Time Magazine.


9. Roger Federer. Roger Federer’s title as the World’s Oldest Top-Ranked Tennis Player is quite a lot to write about. A brief essay on his rise to fame is worth writing.


10. Freelancing. Freelancing is becoming a trend, as most Americans are giving up conventional jobs for the freedom that freelancing offers.


11. Super Bowl. The Super Bowl was a grand display of the National Football League. The superb owl is not just an event but an important part of American culture.


12. Beyonce. Beyonce’s style, presence and influence is a force to reckon with it. Not to mention her flair for mixing entertainment with politics.


13. New York fashion week 2018. New York fashion week showcased the best collections and designs from both established and rising designers.


14. Immigration in America. The immigration policies are becoming stricter and more fierce. What effects are these policies having on immigrants?


15. Winter Olympics. The winter Olympics that held in South Korea was indeed memorable. Competition, culture, and the display of human finesse were memorable.


16. Depression and mental illness. Depression is a common mental illness in the world. Unfortunately, not everyone affected is ready to admit they are affected by such an illness.


17. Abortion laws. It seems like abortion laws in America are becoming more strict. How do these laws affect the perception of the right of women in one of the most liberal countries in the world.


18. Social media. Social media has succeeded in connecting us to even the most remote parts in the world. There are advantages, there are also disadvantages.


19. The opioid epidemic. The chronic use of opioids has both economic and health burdens. You can discuss these in a brilliant essay.


20. Antibiotic resistance. Micro-organisms are resistant to antibiotics, no thanks to indiscriminate use and abuse of antibiotics.

So, there you have it. Twenty trending topics in 2018. We hope these topics inspired you as we promised! Remember to brainstorm and research before picking a suitable topic. Also, pre-writing tips like outlining and drawing up a draft will go a long way in helping you with the writing process. Good luck!