Surf Air Provides Exceptional Value And Unlimited Travel For Their Members

Surf Air

Published on August 2nd, 2018

Surf Air is a unique and one of a kind air travel club. The company charges a monthly fee for a service enabling passengers to take as many flights as they wish. The majority of the members are frequent travelers and entrepreneurs. The flying is effortless, valuable and saves a lot of time.

Flights are conveniently available both to and from airports along the West Coast of the United States. The company plans to add additional destinations and regions. The unlimited monthly flights are designed for frequent leisure and regional business travelers.

The flying experience is hassle free and serves the community. The fleet of executive private aircrafts is expanding and operates from convenient and private airports in both Europe and the United States. The Surf Anywhere program additionally offers global charter services.

The unlimited flying membership is innovative and includes a partnership with All Roads North, a luxury travel company. This partnership expands the experience while offering all of the members weekend vacation packages. The members also receive global benefits from The Private Suite at LAX and FoundersCard.

Since summer has already arrived, the members are receiving enhancements to their memberships to celebrate the five year anniversary of the company. This milestone is being used to thank the members for their loyalty as well as enhancing the experience even further.


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The experience provided by Surf Air originally started as a way members could have more enjoyment during the weekend through all the destinations available in California. The partnership in July with All Roads North added exclusive offers provided by the luxury travel company. Luxurious and unforgettable United States road trips have been created by All Roads North since 2014.

A specialist customizes each journey including the finest ranches, lodges, and hotels. This results in an amazing insider experience the local experts bring to life. The traditional American journey has been uplifted from Santa Barbara’s private chef tables to the art scene in San Francisco. The top offerings throughout California are effectively highlighted for the weekend trips. There are even packages available for Lake Tahoe.

Becoming a member of Surf Air encompasses so much more than simply traveling from point A to B. This is a community comprised of captains of industry and diverse individuals interested in improving productivity and saving valuable time. Surf Air is making the continual effort to expand the network for their members.

This led to a lot of excitement when the company announced their partnership with the exclusive Private Suite LAX. The annual membership is complimentary for the Premium and Preferred members. The value of this membership is $4,500 and includes preferred rates for the Los Angeles International Airport’s new private terminal.


The Private Suite LAX Image Source: houseofcoco

The Private Suite LAX has made a commitment to provide flying completely hassle free. Long waits in crowded lines have been eliminated because U.S. Customs and Immigration and private TSA screenings are taken care of right on the premises. The Private Suite members do long wait at boarding gates, busy ticket counters or take long and congested walks through the concourses.

They are driven right to their aircrafts with their baggage and boarding passes already taken care of for them. These members enjoy private suites equipped with a food service pantry, a private bath, a daybed for two and a view of the runway to watch the aircraft taking off and landing. There are numerous additional dedicated services and amenities provided.

The final partnership for the air travel club is with FoundersCard. The membership community encompasses more than 25,000 innovators and entrepreneurs receiving networking opportunities and exceptional benefits. This includes VIP travel privileges, savings off the standard fare and priority check-ins. The members have access to a collection of top resorts and hotels offering preferred rates, flexible cancellations and additional amenities.