Exciting Emojis In The iOS 17 Update

Exciting Emojis In The iOS 17

Published on September 30th, 2023

In June 2023, Apple officially announced iOS 17, which remained in Beta until September of the same year.

On September 18, 2023, all eligible iPhones, starting from the iPhone XR and onwards, received the iOS 17 update.

Unfortunately, models preceding the iPhone X were discontinued, meaning they would no longer receive support for major iOS updates.

iOS 17, while a minor update, brought several practical enhancements.

Notable additions included interactive widgets, customizable call screens, improved autocorrect for the default keyboard, StandBy Mode, and more.

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The update also introduced features like Live Stickers and swipe-to-reply functionality for iMessage, along with NameDrop.

However, Apple chose to reserve certain features, including new emojis, for minor dot updates to iOS 17.

For instance, end-to-end iCloud encryption and Security Keys were incorporated in later updates.

iOS 17 users can anticipate the arrival of the Journal app later in the year, along with new emojis scheduled for release in a subsequent update.

In the iOS 16.4 update, 31 new emojis were introduced, such as the pink and light blue heart, a shaking face, donkey, moose, goose, wing, jellyfish, hyacinth, pea pod, maracas, ginger, flute, goose, and blackbird.

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The Unicode Consortium, responsible for establishing and maintaining international software standards, sanctioned the addition of new emojis for smartphones in 2024.

While many expected new emojis to accompany the iOS 17 update, this did not materialize. Instead, users can look forward to them in upcoming updates, likely early next year.

Unicode 15.1, in addition to emojis, also includes some non-emoji characters tailored for use in China.

Given Apple’s adherence to its unique emoji style, it will take a few months for the company to design and incorporate these new emojis into iOS.

It’s worth noting that the Unicode 15.1 update is relatively minor in scope compared to typical updates.

When all the skin tone variants are considered, users can expect a total of 118 new emojis with a forthcoming iOS 17 update.

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List Of The New Emojis Coming To Future iOS 17 Update:

  • Horizontal shaking head
  • Vertical shaking head
  • Phoenix
  • Lime
  • Edible brown mushroom
  • A broken chain

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There Are Also Some New Gender-neutral Family Emojis And Emojis Of Combinations Of People:

  • Two adults and a child
  • An adult and two children
  • An adult and a child
  • Two adults and two children

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New People Emojis:

  • A person walking turning to the right side
  • A person running facing the right side
  • A person kneeling facing the right side
  • A person with a white cane facing the right
  • A person in a manual wheelchair facing the right
  • A person in a motorized wheelchair facing the right

Image Source: Domingo Alvarez E