Express Yourself With The Art of Gift Giving

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September 21st, 2018   |   Updated on October 15th, 2019

Sharing a gift with someone is a special way to show that you care. From holidays to birthdays and many other events in between, gift giving is an amazing way to demonstrate your appreciation for someone.

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Still, when it comes to gifting, there are a few basic etiquette tips that you should keep in mind. This will ensure you send the right message, avoid accidentally offending the receiver or creating an awkward situation for you both.

Preparation Is Key

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If you want to surprise someone with a special gift, the proper etiquette is to prepare well in advance so that you can present the most thoughtful item to the recipient.

Preparation will include conducting research such as asking others for ideas on what your loved one may like. Or alternatively you could ask them covertly to get hints and clues on what they may want.

Being prepared may also include taking the time to prep the actual gift such as wrapping it in decorative gift wrap or some other presentation method.

The key here is to take your time and be thoughtful—putting in the effort beforehand so that you create the best experience possible for the receiver.

Furthermore, last-minute online shopping is another area that you should consider when it comes to the do’s and don’ts of gift giving.

If you shop online be sure to allot enough time to purchase the gift, wait for its arrival and then and get it ready for giving.

The last thing you want to do is purchase a gift at the very last minute and chance that something may be wrong with it upon arrival or alternatively taking the risk that you do not have enough time to properly package it up for the occasion.


Choosing The Right Gift

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Gift giving also starts with finding the perfect gift for your special person. Even though the right gift will be different based on the individual, the best etiquette will be based on choosing a gift that you think the person may be interested in receiving.

You can choose the right gift by frequenting various stores to search for your ideal items or alternatively you can shop online. No matter the approach you take, there are plenty of options available to choose from. What’s more is that some gifts never go out of style.

These include edibles such as desserts or snacks, books, anniversary rings, apparel, gift baskets or even beautiful bouquets of flowers.

By choosing the best gift, you will be demonstrating just how much hard work, thought and effort you put into the entire gift-giving process.

Even though it may not be an easy feat to find the perfect gift immediately, with a little determination and ingenuity you can find the most appropriate one and create a rewarding moment in the end.

Are Homemade Gifts A Good Option?

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Homemade gifts are about finding different and creative ways to show someone that you care. These gifts are more sentimental and can create many lasting memories.

The key to good etiquette for homemade gift giving is to first determine if giving someone something that you have made will leave a good impression with them.

For instance, if the person will appreciate your hard work then the proper etiquette is to proceed with your DIY approach.

However, if you know for sure that the person may not fully understand or appreciate why you have made something instead of making a purchase, then you may want to pick up something store bought.

In general, many people do very well with homemade gifts. This is because such items show that you are coming from the heart by creating a one-of-a-kind gift item.

Even if you must pick up a gift from the store, consider adding a personal touch to it with something homemade to create a memory by way of personalization.

All in all, remember that when it comes to gift giving, the best etiquette will be presenting a gift that is both meaningful and interesting.

It is very poor etiquette to just give away items just for the sake of doing so. In the end, the receiver will be able to recognize that you did not place much thought into your gift and they may ultimately hold it against you.

Study the person, see what they like or dislike and then explore the numerous gift options that are available to you. Sure, it may take a bit of time to do it, but in the end your gift will be well-received!