21 Mouth-Watering Facts About Domino’s Pizza That You Probably Didn’t Know

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February 17th, 2021   |   Updated on January 13th, 2023

1. The chain was originally called “Dominick’s”, after the founder Tom Monaghan and his brother purchased the already existing pizza shop in 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

2. In order to become the sole owner of the firm, Tom Monaghan had to sell his car.

3. The name was changed to “Domino’s Pizza” in 1965, when Monaghan had opened three pizzerias.

4. In 1992 Domino’s offered its first national non-pizza item: Breadsticks.

5. A glitch in code forced Dominos to give out 11,000 pizzas for free to customers in Ohio and Kentucky in 2009.

6. 2013: First vegan Domino’s pizza was created in Israel.

7. In 2018 domino’s had sold more pizzas and products than any other pizza seller in the world.

8. Squid is the most popular topping in Japan, and France’s favorite is fresh cream.

9. In 2016, Domino’s trialed their first delivery service by canoe in England.

10. France’s four cheese pizza consists of Emmental, goat’s cheese, blue cheese, and mozzarella.

11. In Korea, Domino’s offer a “potato pizza”.

12. Domino’s has around 17,000 stores across 90 countries.

13. When Monaghan owned the Detroit tigers, they celebrated with domino’s pizza.

14. The only Vegan domino’s is in Israel.

15. Pepperoni pizza is the most ordered topping in the US.

16. The menu in Malaysia has both the “megalosaurus” and the “chickensaurus”, which are generously topped with extra meat.

17. Oreo Pizza is sold only in the us. This pizza has thin crust with vanilla icing.

18. The Boloroni pizza was created by domino’s in India. It has macaroni cheese and vegetarian bolognaise on top of a pizza crust.

19. The busiest day of the year for domino’s is new year’s eve.

20. On Super bowl Sundays, around 40% more pizzas are sold than a normal Sunday.

21. Werner Lomker is the “world’s fastest pizza maker”.

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