The Best 5 Famous Items That You Should Buy In Rajasthan

Meenakari Work

Published on May 5th, 2018

What To Buy on Rajasthan Trip

The name Rajasthan brings out an image of simple people wearing colorful clothes with nicely tucked turbans, the awe inducing forts and palaces of the Royal, the delicious food and thandai.

The state is so rich culturally that one would like to keep souvenirs of the place when one goes for the most famous Jaisalmer Desert Camps.

One should not be surprised if he is confused on what to buy. So, one should visit Jaipur, the city famous for shopping, even when he has taken the Rajasthan tour Package to best the best souvenir items.

We have tried to bring forward the best 5 famous items that you should buy in Rajasthan:

1. Fabric works

Fabric works

Rajasthan is famous for the Bandhani or tie and die designed clothes. This material can be purchased in saris, duppattas or even dress materials.

The Laheriya and the Mothra sarees and dupattas also attract the tourists. The work is done on cotton, silk and wool. The block printing work, mirror and embroidery work, color riot and appliqué work are also famous in Rajasthan.

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2. Meenakari Work

Meenakari Work

The famous minakari or enamel work on metal is seen in various sizes and designs as a decorative item. The peacock done with minakari is quite famous and adores most offices and houses in the country.

The lightweight but rich look minakari work on ear rings and pendants can also be bought.

3. Kundan and Gemstones

Kundan and Gemstones

Rajasthan is the treasure house of silver jewellery, kundan, meena and other gem stones. Beautiful silver and kundan necklaces, cuffs, anklets and lac bangles can be purchased.

Hand cut precious and semi-precious stones and uncut diamonds can also be bought here.


4. Paintings and Pottery

Paintings and Pottery

The Rajasthani paintings known as the Rajputana paintings have a unique style. The vibrant colors in the paintings depicting incidents from Ramayana, Mahabharata and the life of Shri Krishna can change the very look of your home décor.

Equally famous are the Rajasthani Blue Pottery in ceramic. The pottery is unique as it uses the quartz stones instead of clay as is generally used for such work. The designs and style are influenced by the Persian Art.

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5. Puppets


The handmade string puppets or kathputalis in vibrant colors figure out as the most looked after souvenirs of Rajasthan.

Puppets Mostly available in Jaisalmer Desert Camp The puppets not only ornament your living rooms but also signify the age old culture of the place.