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Farting Burned A Female Badly. You Too Can Relate To Such Farting Experiences!


November 4th, 2016   |   Updated on February 23rd, 2017

A patient who passed gas during an operation was badly burned when the fart ignited a laser being used in the surgery, a hospital report states.

The fire occurred at the Tokyo Medical University Hospital in Shinjuku Ward. The patient in her 30s was undergoing an operation that involved applying a laser to her cervix, the lower part of the uterus.

She was left screaming in agony after the fire burnt most of her body, waist and legs, according to a report by external experts into the incident.

farting-fire-surgeryimage: nypost.com

Such accident was really unfortunate, and you can’t relate yourself to such horrific incident. However, farting  is very common and you may have been to farting experiences given below:

1. When the lingering stench is so funky that you have to light a candle.


2. When it comes out gassier than you expected.



3. When you accidentally Dutch Oven yourself.


4. When you walk back in the room you farted in and the smell is still potent.



5. When you try to sneak a fart but it comes out louder than you expected.



6. When you thought it was safe to let one loose but then someone walks in.



7. When you’re unexpectedly crop dusted.



8. And finally, when you dealt it but you blame your friend for smelling it.



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Source: buzzfeed.com, nypost.com