Firesticks Have Made Television Viewing More Attractive

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Published on October 1st, 2018

There have been enormous changes over the past few years in the ways people want to view television programs. People are no more willing to accept anything, and everything served by television program broadcasters.

They are averse to seeing television programs without any choice. The behavioral change of the audience stems from the urge to view programs selectively according to their choice and convenience.  The audience has turned more demanding and wants more options to view television programs.

Besides, they also want access to a wide variety of content available on the internet instead of only viewing programs streamed through cable networks or direct to home services.

1. The Advent Of ‘New Media’


The emergence of ‘new media’ in the 1990s is mainly responsible for the change in audience behavior. New media refers to anything delivered via the internet or digital.

Interestingly, the new technology caused enough disruption but did not replace the existence of traditional TV programs. Instead, both existed as parallel entities.

Broadband distribution was the most prominent form of new media and marked the beginning of a new era of delivering video over broadband.

Amazon, Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu can deliver traditional TV shows by using much better and new technology. However, the involvement of cable operators to view broadband programs remained.


2. The Demand For More Viewing Options


The audience was still not happy and wanted better options for watching TV became most evident in the year 2015 as the television program broadcasting companies experienced substantial shrinkage of the subscriber base very rapidly.

Interestingly, data gathered around the same time indicated that viewers were watching more TV than before. It meant that viewers were deserting cable operators and broadband services in favor of on-demand options as they wanted more freedom in enjoying TV programs.

Viewers were no more willing to restrict their viewing options by following the conventional methods of viewing TV that revolved around channels, schedules, and fixed program lengths together with interruptions for advertisements.


3. New Distribution Technology

TV apps

The demand of the audience paved the way for the arrival of new distribution technologies that have entirely changed user experience as evident from the free movie apps for firestick.

The firestick liberates the audience from the stranglehold cable operators as you can plug in the small flash drive like device into the HDMI port of the television set and enjoy the content of your choice over the internet by using Wi-Fi.

That put an end to the system of depending on cable operators to access internet content because the movie apps of firestick connect you directly to the streaming services. Known as streaming TV stick, the devices are threatening to end the monopoly of cable operators over internet content for television.

Viewers are more inclined to using firesticks that can turn an ordinary TV into Smart TV. Most importantly, viewers have more flexibility in viewing as they can choose their preferred timing to watch their favorite shows. Whether it is at the middle of the night or early morning, the choice of viewing is yours.

Images: unsplash