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Your Firm Belief About Sex Can Bring You More Rewarding Relationships. And, Science Says So!


November 10th, 2016   |   Updated on November 12th, 2016

If you firmly believe in sexual growth, a mindset about about fulfilling sex life, you can have better relationships than that of those who believe in sexual destiny- that a good sex life is more a matter of finding the right person for you, a new research ( published in the supports the theory.


After conducting six different studies with close to 2,000 people, researchers found “people who believe in sexual growth not only believe they can work on their sexual problems, but they are not letting it affect their relationship satisfaction.”

“Your sex life is like a garden, and it needs to be watered and nurtured to maintain it,” said Maxwell, one of the study’s authors.

The differences between sexual destiny and growth aren’t easily apparent at first, Maxwell added, since many new relationships have their “honeymoon” phase when sexual desire is at its peak. It’s only later on in a long-term
relationship that they begin to show up.

However, even wholeheartedly believing in sexual growth doesn’t guarantee a successful relationship. But Maxwell believes their findings can be a source of relief to both the average person as well as therapists trying to reassure their clients that a flagging sex life isn’t necessarily the end of the road.

A little extra positivity can go a long way when looking for love, a relationship and just about everything in between. It’s OK to have issues every once in a while, and you need communication for have a good sex life.

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