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Is EMotion, The Electric Car, Geared Up To Take On Tesla?


Published on November 3rd, 2016

When it comes to performance electric vehicles with extended ranges, Tesla dominates the scene. Automotive designer Henrik Fisker has an ambitious plan to make electric cars cool. The Danish designer who brought us the Fisker Karma in 2011 is back, and EMotion is the car which will give competition to Tesla.

The Fisker Karma model, released in 2012 for $100,000, attracted a lot of celebrity interest with buyers such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashton Kutcher and Justin Bieber.

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The car has butterfly doors and will have a structure made of carbon fiber and aluminum, according to an email sent to journalists Thursday. The email states the car has “larger interior than its closest competitor” with a focus on a user experience that brings “technology and streaming content into a simple logical order.”

According to reports, the car will fall in the same price as a high-end Tesla Model S. That car will pave the way for a more consumer friendly electric car that Fisker claims will be cheaper than the Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3, which are priced at $37,500 and $35,000 before federal tax exemptions, respectively.

Emotion: This is the electric car that could go head-to-head with the Tesla Model S in the future. Called the Fisker EMotion, claiming 400-mile range



The renders were revealed by Henrik Fisker himself on Twitter earlier this week


Butterfly doors: This diherdral door opening design should make getting in and out easy but at the same time cause issues if you’re parking in a garage with a low ceiling or a multi-storey car park


The Fisker Karma arrived in 2011 and cost between $102,000 and $116,000 in America



The Karma featured a solar panel roof to help recharge the batteries powering the motor



The Fisker EMotion could be similarly priced to the Tesla Model S electric car



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