Fitbit Down: App, Data, And Devices Unavailable For Hours

Fitbit Down

Published on October 12th, 2023

Fitbit Experiences Prolonged Downtime: Impact on New Pixel Devices and App Users

Fitbit has been offline for a while with no indication of when it will be back up. If you’ve tried to set up your new Pixel Watch 2 or connect your new Pixel 8 with an old Pixel Watch or Fitbit tracker, you’ve likely encountered issues. You’re not alone, but it seems the widespread outage hasn’t gained much attention yet.

Fitbit app users are encountering significant problems, including error messages. The company’s support account, X, has acknowledged the issue in a tweet.

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“We’re aware that some customers are experiencing issues with the Fitbit app and we are currently investigating. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, thank you for your patience,” @Fitbitsupport posted.

The problem seems to impact logging into the app and syncing wearables’ data to the Fitbit app.

We attempted to sync a Fitbit Sense 2 with the app on the morning of October 12 in the Indian Standard Time (IST). Although a manual sync was a bit slow, a common occurrence for Fitbit, it eventually worked after initially failing to do so.

According to Downdetector, the reported cases of this issue surged between 11:30 PM and midnight on October 11 until 2 AM IST, with fewer reports continuing into the morning of October 12.

Fitbit Experiences Prolonged Downtime

Fitbit has not provided a reason for these problems, but such issues are often linked to certain server outages.

Currently, Google is in the process of merging Google Fit and Fitbit account information. If you purchase a new Fitbit, you’ll be prompted to use your Google login instead of an existing Fitbit account.

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Feature Image Source: Andres Urena