5 Ways To Fitness Blogging For Both Fun And Profit

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August 4th, 2018   |   Updated on September 14th, 2018

Fitness blogging is a common way to not only improve the lives of others and help them stay in better shape, but it is also good for your own fitness health as well.

The key is getting started. Even though there are a lot of tips out there about starting a health and fitness blog, many neglect the fact that you can keep the fun in your blog and make a profit at the same time.

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The question that comes with that is often “How do I get started?” Here is a list with some of the keys to fitness blogging for both fun and profit.

1. Keep the Fun

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One of the keys is to keep in mind that the reason you want to start a fitness blog in the first place is that it can be really fun.

Yes, you may have more noble goals about helping others and getting more fit yourself, but If you don’t enjoy blogging and it becomes a chore, that will become obvious to your audience.

Everything from the workouts you describe to dietary changes to even the challenges you face in the gym and at the dinner table, try not to lose the fun in them and the fun in blogging.

Writing about them does not have to all be serious even though the topic itself might be pretty somber.

You will gain more followers if your blog is light and positive. Those who are in the process of getting in shape or losing weight don’t need to always be reminded of how hard it is.

The challenges they face are real. Keep the fun to help them get through it with a smile.


2. Find Your Specialty

Fitness Blogging For Both Fun And Profit_5

Fitness blogging is not itself a specialty. There are several sub-genres from crossfit to running, swimming, cycling, weight lifting, yoga, and more. While all of them have certain elements in common, like combining exercise with a healthy diet, they are also very diverse.

The same winter training routine will not apply to both runners and cyclists. Other specialties have their own challenges, safety needs, and more.

Your specialty will likely be what you do, or one of the things you do. That area is probably the one you are the most passionate about and also the one you know the most about.

This is the best place to start, it part because it is easier to keep the fun in something you are passionate about.

For instance, as a cyclist you might do a lot of leg work like weighted lunges in the winter when you are in the gym and riding less.

However, you are probably not passionate about weight lifting and leg day, even though you need it. So starting a weight lifting blog would probably not work out for you.

Once you have chosen the thing you are most passionate about and will focus your fitness blog on, you can move to the next steps in setting up your fitness blog.


3. Do Your Research

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The next thing you will want to do is research, especially if you want to profit from your blog. There are two areas you need to focus on.

The first is that you need to know who your competing blogs are, and which ones complement your specialty. In other words, you might not compete with the blog for Bicycling Magazine right away, but you might compete with a local cycling blog, or it can even enhance your efforts.

The key is that you need to look at other blogs in your niche. See what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong, and what they are talking about.

You can share some of the same topics, create some of your own, or share a different take on what they are talking about. In other words, if you want to succeed, you will have to stand out from other blogs in your niche.

The second is that you must become an expert on your topic. If you are a weekend runner with very little technical knowledge, you will need to gain some to be an expert and write with authority.

Other weekend runners are probably trying to learn as well, and if you are simply sharing with them what you and they already know, they won’t have a reason to return and look at your blog.

Become an expert, and share that expertise with others in a new way that stands out from what others in your niche are sharing.


4. Set Up and Build Your Space

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The next thing you will need to do is set up and build your online space. Your domain name will have to be related to the specialty you have chosen, but be simple to say, spell, and type into a browser.

After that, you will need to choose hosting. For most, shared hosting is fine, but for other sites where you expect a lot of traffic, especially initially, you might need dedicated hosting or even self-hosting if you have space for the equipment and the right internet connection.

After that you will need to design your website. There are fitness templates form several providers or you can design your own from scratch or modify another template.

If you have coding skills, you can go even deeper and customize your entire platform or hire someone to do it for you.


5. Get Paid and Promoted

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Where does the profit come in? Well, there are several ways to make money from your site. Here are a few of the simple ones to get started:

  • Native Ads: these are offered by Google, OutBrain, and others. You get paid whenever someone clicks on one of these ads.
  • Affiliate Marketing: This includes ads and links. You get paid whenever someone makes a purchase through the unique link you put on your site. Just be sure you reveal to your readers when you use these types of links.
  • Sponsored Posts: SEO companies or brands will often pay you to post on your site and link to their site in return.
  • Site Sponsors: This is a brand or website that wants to be featured often on your site, so they pay a premium for you to do so.

You can also sell products of your own or sell other people’s products in an e-store on your site. One you get enough regular site visitors, you will get sales and clicks, often enough to make a decent profit.

Keep both the fun and profit in fitness blogging. Follow these steps, stand out from the rest, and get started today.