Unlock The Secrets: Sony’s Game-Changing Update Fixes PlayStation 4 Clock Battery Woes! Are You Missing Out?

PlayStation 4

Published on November 17th, 2023

In a significant stride towards enhancing user experience, Sony has successfully addressed the internal clock battery issue plaguing PlayStation 4 consoles with the release of firmware update 9.00.

This update rectifies concerns related to the CMOS battery, crucial for validating the date and time of Trophy achievements on PS4.

The Challenge

Previously, the CMOS battery quandary stirred anxiety among avid PlayStation users. The fear of losing access to digital and physical PS4 titles loomed large, particularly if Sony withdrew PSN support.

The predicament arose because, even with a new battery, games required at least one network connection to run.

Sony’s Solution

The recent firmware update, version 9.00, brings respite to the gaming community. Sony, attentive to user concerns, prioritized a fix for this issue.

This update ensures that even after the eventual cessation of PSN support, users can seamlessly access their games without any hindrance.

Validation Through Testing

Modern Vintage Gamer (MVG), a renowned YouTuber, conducted meticulous testing to validate Sony’s fix.

MVG removed the CMOS battery from a base PS4, installed the 9.00 firmware update, and disconnected the system from the internet.

Astonishingly, PS4 titles, including the game “Shadow of the Colossus,” ran flawlessly, confirming the resolution of the problem.

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This firmware update not only resolves the immediate concern but also guarantees that PlayStation 4 consoles remain functional even in the absence of PSN support.

Users can now enjoy their favorite titles without the fear of being locked out due to the CMOS battery issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fixes PlayStation 4 Clock Battery

Q1: How Does The Firmware Update Impact Existing Games On PS4?

A1: The update ensures that previously inaccessible games, both digital and physical, can be played seamlessly even without an active network connection.

Q2: Is The CMOS Battery Removal Still A Concern After The Update?

A2: No, Sony’s firmware update 9.00 eliminates the need for worry about CMOS battery issues, providing a lasting solution.

Q3: Can Users Expect Similar Proactive Updates In The Future?

A3: While Sony has shown commitment to addressing user concerns, future updates are contingent on emerging issues. Regularly checking for system updates is recommended.


Sony’s firmware update 9.00 stands as a testament to the company’s dedication to user satisfaction.

The resolution of the PlayStation 4 internal clock battery issue ensures a seamless gaming experience for users, reinforcing Sony’s commitment to excellence in the gaming community.

Stay updated with Sony’s future releases to enhance your gaming journey.