Florida Bound: Your Guide To The Sunshine State

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January 22nd, 2019   |   Updated on June 18th, 2019

When folks see the name of Florida, there is an instant connection of curiosity that draws them in for more. The state of Florida is best known for its natural beauty, sunshine and stunning beaches. Don’t be surprised to learn Florida is so much more!

1. Fabulous Beaches

Clearwater Beach, Outside Tampa Bay

Florida, the obvious choice for great tans and stunningly white beaches with clear blue, sparkling waters is a definite must-see experience. Explore Florida’s Panhandle where dolphins play, nature parks abound, and relaxation is calling your name. Kids from ages 1-92 flock here every year for summer vacations, spring breaks and cozy getaways.

Trip the life fantastic in the most popular beaches of Panama City, Key West, Miami, Clearwater and others ready to make your stay unforgettable. Whether your heart beats for art deco atmospheres and musical fare, historical Hemingway or incredible marine aquarium friends, Florida has the perfect beach location for everyone.


2. Get Ready For Golf

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The Sunshine State, plus golf, equals love. Golf and over 1300 memorable courses stand as some of Florida’s top visitor attractions. Just ask the PGA tour’s pros who play them. To think it all started with Florida’s very first golf course, the Belleair Country Club, structured in 1897.

Some of Florida’s top courses also include Harbor Links Country Club & Summerfield Golf Course, just to name a few.


3. Tastes Of Florida

Food Network Thanksgiving

If you’re longing for heartwarming flavors of the south with a cultural twist, think Floribbean dining. Get your down-home taste buds popping with a host of Caribbean zing-factors. Infused Cuban and Bahama savoriness bring a whole new dining experience to love.

A great way to delve into fine Floribbean flavors is to jump on The Taste History Culinary Tours of Historic Palm Beach County. Epicurean cuisine and impressive historical features offer cultural depths into the worlds of enticing palatable experiences, art, local allure and more – all in one grand tour. But, don’t stop there. There are many neighborhood tours available offering a wide spectrum of Florida’s finest dining provisions. Outrageous Key Lime pie, anyone?


4. Take A Walk On The Wild Side


Florida isn’t all sun and games. There are some wilder aspects to appreciate, like alligators and wild life of all kinds. From fish and wildlife conservation to marine wildlife to nature and wildlife tours, Florida promises a good show through education and hands-on experiences you won’t find elsewhere.

Let’s talk alligators. Those formidable creatures bring valuable contributions to Florida’s eco-systems, educational programming and state-wide conservation aspects that draw in thousands of visitors yearly. If suspense, excitement and Mother Nature is your thing, then don’t miss the Everglades Holiday Park’s dramatic alligator shows and boat tours.


5. Florida Family-Friendliness

South Beach Miami

Florida invites families from all over the world to feel its warmth as a community. Visit friendly manatees, amazing beaches, parks, Universal Studios, and of course, Orlando’s fabulous Disney World Orlando where beloved Disney characters and childhood stories come alive.

From incredible sunsets and memory-makers to the amazing people, Florida has it all.