Ford Enlivening Ranger To Encash The Truck Boom By Returning To The Us

Ford Enlivening Ranger To Encash The Truck Boom -Car3

Updated on January 22nd, 2018

Ford Motor Co. was missing from action for some time is coming back with a bang by bringing the Ranger model in the US market. The truck King Ford decided to depart from the market in 2011 due to the decline in sales of smaller pickups. The Ranger debuted last Sunday at the auto show in Detroit cemented the decision by the company to meet the soaring demand of the pick-up trucks.

Ford Enlivening Ranger To Encash The Truck Boom -Car1

The recession hit market declined the sales of Ford’s truck, but the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon changed the tide. The success of General Motors Co. with the $17.5 billion combined revenue in US market gave life to the dull automotive sector. The tremendous success of the General Motors models in 2014 has improved the sales of mid-size trucks. More customers in the U.S are opting to buy the pick-ups as the declining oil prices boosted the trend. The Ford was meanwhile selling low-end F-150 vehicles to fill the void it left by withdrawing the Ranger trucks.

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Raj Nair, the head of operations of Ford North America has acknowledged that the company never regretted the decision to pull out from the market. He said in an interview: “It is the matter of the right time to deploy our great truck and it is the right time.”

Milking the Booming Markets

The booming truck sales are the reason for the return of the automotive giant in the U.S market. But, the Ford has a tough time ahead as it faces tough competition with the already established Toyota and the General Motor Corp. The Americans are favoring the SUVs and pickups for their travel, so as the Ranger comes in the market next year, it has to attract customers from its rivals.

Ford Enlivening Ranger To Encash The Truck Boom-Car 6

The positive that supports Ford’s decision is the 83% increases in the pickup sales across the U.S.A. So, the Ranger will have a receptive market with the customers intrigued by the features of the pick-up. According to many vehicle trade analysts, Ranger will take sales from the other automotive brands or from within its markets.

Many analysts have wondered what took Ford this long to bring its most popular brand back in the US markets. The Ranger has a huge market outside the USA where it is still the most favored truck. The Ford has updated its design to suit the requirements of the customers with extraordinary features.

Ford Enlivening Ranger To Encash The Truck Boom -Car3

But, it took Ford long enough to recognize the market potential that may affect the sales to some extent. Raj Nair rejects the notion that the Ranger is arriving late in the market and predicts a bright future. He says that “The market is still small compared to its heyday.”

The Revamped Model For American Audience

Ford took its time to update the Ranger Design to suit the taste of the American audience that is different from what it sells overseas. The Ford Company has established a factory in Michigan that will start the production of Ranger from later this year. The Ranger will come into the markets by the first quarter of 2019. The Ranger has a special place in the heart many loyal customers who are awaiting the relaunch of the vehicle that will meet the customer requirements for a midsize truck.

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Rangers are available in the Diesel model across the world with an option for a Petrol engine. The US markets will have EcoBoost Petrol Engine (2.3 liters) with the 10-speed automatic transmission. Raj Nair quotes that “The relaunched version of Ranger will come in the US markets in entry-level XL, midlevel LT, and high-level Lariat models.”


The Ranger has Sport or Chrome appearance with FX off-road packages that will attract the customers. There two configurations available in the new Ranger known as SuperCab or SuperCrew cab. The Ranger gives the customer more utility, capability along with the cutting edge technology. So, customers can use in the high traffic of the city or explore the wild on weekends with the off-grid adventures.

The New Ranger Features For United States of America

The Ranger revamped for the American market has an 8inch touchscreen in the center console with an option for the SYNC3 system. The dual LCD screens enable the real-time navigation of the vehicles with audio information.

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Ranger has Off-Road packages that include tunes shocks, all-terrain tires, frame-mounted skid plates, steel front bash plate with heavy-gauge steel, and FX4 badging. The Trail Control Technology that acts as the cruise control with low-speed. It is apt for the rugged terrain as it controls the acceleration and braking that allows drivers to focus on the steering.

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It has Terrain Management system with four distinct modes that adapt well to the situations. The normal, grass, mud and ruts, gravel and snow, and sand modes can automatically change the transmission gear, throttle responsiveness, and performance. So, Ranger will adapt to any terrain conditions or whether to give the optimal performance.

Dana AdvanTek distributes the power independently through the solid and front axles. The feature is available on 2WD, 4WD models along with the electronic locking rear axle. It enhances the terrain traction of the vehicle with three 4-wheel-drive versions (2-high, 4-high, and 4-low).

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Ranger American models come with a driver-assist technology with Lane Keeping Assist, Emergency Automatic Braking, and Reverse Sensing System. The XLT standard model and Lariat Models have these features along with exclusive Blind Spot Information system and Trailer Coverage. The Lariat has additional features like Pedestrian Detection and Adaptive Cruise Control.

Ranger has AC power outlets (optional) that charges the laptop, B&O PLAY (optional premium audio) can enhance the audio, and the drivers can connect more easily with the USB outlets. Ranger users can connect to the Wi-Fi using the 4G LTE modem that can connect up to 10 devices. The Ranger has Apple CarPlay, Ford personal assistant, Android compatibility and navigation (optional).

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Ranger has LED headlamps and tail lamps for the perfect lighting experience. The exterior lighting has cargo lighting and puddle lamps. Ranger forewarns the driver to problematic trailer connections with the Smart Trailer Tow Connector (optional).

Ford Enlivening Ranger To Encash The Truck Boom -Car8

Though Ford officials have trust on the performance of their markets, they need to ensure its success in the market. Reintroduction of the vehicles will meet its purpose with effective marketing else it may not help the cause.