10 Beautiful Free Clock And Weather Widgets For Android Home Screen

Free Clock And Weather Widgets For Android

Published on February 7th, 2024

5 Takeaways for Free Clock And Weather Widgets For Android

  • Diverse Options for Clock and Weather Widgets
  • Balance Between Functionality and Aesthetics
  • Challenges with Subscription Models
  • Inherent Strengths and Minor Drawbacks
  • Consideration of Built-In Options

Clock widgets on Android serve as more than just time-telling tools; they act as style statements for your home screen, allowing you to express your personality and customize your device.

These widgets go beyond the basic function of displaying time; they also include features like weather updates and battery indicators, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

In selecting the best clock widgets and weather clock widgets for your home screen, it’s crucial to filter out outdated options that may not work optimally.

Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you, ensuring that the recommendations provided are not only visually appealing but also highly functional.

Whether you’re looking to keep track of time with a touch of personal flair or stay updated on the weather while maintaining a stylish home screen, this curated list has got you covered.

Explore these top clock widgets that not only serve as practical timekeeping tools but also add a unique touch to your Android device.

Upgrade your home screen with the best clock and weather widgets that blend functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

Free Clock And Weather Widgets For Android

best clock and weather widgets for android

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1. Chronus


Chronus is a widget app that performs above the average, offering a diverse range of widgets.

It covers various functionalities, such as weather, clock, calendar, Gmail, missed calls, text messages, and more.

Notably, it also supports DashClock if that’s a requirement.

While the widgets maintain simplicity, they are customizable and effectively serve their purposes. With a bit of tweaking, they can seamlessly blend with almost any theme.

While some minor complaints exist in Google Play reviews, they are generally not significant.

The app provides certain features for free, and there are in-app purchases available for premium content, but the pricing is reasonable.

Chronus stands out as a versatile and functional widget app for users seeking customizable widgets that cater to different aspects of their Android experience.

2. Circle Clock

circle clock widget

Circle Clock is a straightforward yet efficient clock widget app designed to place a circular widget on your home screen, displaying both the time and date.

The widget comes with customization options, allowing users to personalize elements such as colors, fonts, and choose between 12-hour and 24-hour clock formats.

Additionally, the app offers animation settings, with seconds displayed as progress bars around the outside of the clock.

Users have the flexibility to disable these animations if they prefer to conserve battery life.

Circle Clock excels in simplicity and functionality. It’s a free app that provides a clean and aesthetically pleasing addition to most home screen themes.

The app doesn’t overwhelm users with excessive features, making it a straightforward choice for those who prioritize a minimalistic and effective clock widget.

For users seeking a similar experience, Round Clock Widget is suggested as an alternative that offers comparable functionality.

Circle Clock stands out for its simplicity, customization options, and unobtrusive design, making it a practical choice for users looking for a reliable clock widget app.

3. 1Weather

1weather app

1Weather stands out as a reliable weather app for Android, offering a range of desirable features that enhance its functionality.

Among its notable attributes are temperature and real feel readings, a comprehensive 10-day forecast, a reasonably accurate 12-week forecast, radar information, and various other features.

The app distinguishes itself by providing users with some of the best weather widgets available for mobile devices.

One of the standout features is the weather clock widget, which is both clean and seamlessly fits across the top of a home screen without any issues.

The widget is lightly customizable, allowing users to tweak aspects such as text color and background opacity.

Additionally, it comes with a live weather theme, although individual preferences may vary regarding its appeal.

Despite any reservations about the live weather theme, the widget’s overall customization options make it adaptable to various home screen themes.

AccuWeather, linked through Google Play, is also mentioned as an alternative with a few decent widgets, offering users another comprehensive, all-in-one solution for weather information on their Android devices.

In summary, 1Weather is praised for its feature-rich design and particularly noteworthy weather clock widget, making it a solid choice for those seeking a versatile and visually appealing weather app for their mobile experience.

4. Digital Clock and Weather Widget

Digital Clock and Weather Widget

Digital Clock and Weather Widget, formerly known as Digital Clock Widget Xperia, bears a striking resemblance to Sony Xperia’s stock clock widget.

A notable advantage is its compatibility with nearly all devices, ensuring a broad user base. The app offers various widget sizes, including 2×1, 4×2, 4×1, and 2×2, all of which are resizable to suit individual preferences.

One of its key strengths lies in customization, allowing users to adjust font size, color, time and date formats, transparency, and more.

This flexibility empowers users to tailor the widget to seamlessly integrate with their device’s overall aesthetic. For those seeking additional features, the premium version of the app provides extra functionalities.

A noteworthy aspect of this widget is its optional weather element, making it a practical choice for those who desire a weather clock widget with simplicity in mind.

The app is not only affordable but also effective, offering a visually appealing addition to your home screen.

In summary, Digital Clock and Weather Widget stands out for its versatility, customization options, and the combination of a clock and weather display in a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing manner.

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5. Sectograph


Sectograph stands out as one of the most distinctive clock widgets available, offering a unique approach by combining a planner with a clock.

Unlike conventional clock widgets that often integrate weather information, Sectograph essentially transforms a calendar app into a visual representation set in hours rather than days.

Users input their schedules into the calendar, and the widget displays both the time and planned events directly on the home screen.

What makes Sectograph particularly noteworthy is its vibrant and unconventional appearance.

The widget features a colorful design that deviates from the typical aesthetics found in other widgets.

While some users have reported occasional issues with Outlook calendar syncing, and there might be a slight learning curve, the overall performance is commendable.

The widget successfully provides users with a fresh and innovative way to visualize their schedules alongside the current time.

Sectograph stands out for its uniqueness in integrating a planner and a clock, presenting a colorful and visually distinct widget for users who appreciate a departure from the ordinary.

Despite minor concerns, it offers a great user experience, providing an alternative and creative way to manage and display your schedule on your Android device’s home screen.

6. OEM Clock Widgets

OEM Clock Widgets

Using Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) clock widgets can be a convenient and straightforward option for users.

These widgets come pre-installed on your device, eliminating the need to download additional apps and saving storage space.

Most OEMs include both clock widgets and weather clock widgets as part of their widget selections.

For example, manufacturers like Samsung often source weather information from reliable sources such as AccuWeather, allowing users to access forecasts without the necessity of downloading separate weather apps.

While these widgets may lack extensive customization options, they are known for their minimal, clean, and simple designs.

Since OEM widgets are integrated into your phone, they cannot be uninstalled, and they usually have a consistent appearance across devices.

While they may not offer the same level of customization as third-party options, they are easily accessible for users who prefer a straightforward and familiar approach.

To try these widgets, users can long-press the home screen, tap on the widget option, and select the desired widget from the available choices.

This provides an easy way to explore and use the built-in clock and weather widgets on your device.

7. Transparent Clock and Weather

Transparent Clock and Weather

Transparent Clock and Weather lives up to its name, providing a collection of weather and clock widgets that can be customized to be transparent, creating a striking effect on your home screen.

The widgets, although leaning more towards weather options, are well-designed.

Particularly noteworthy is one widget that displays comprehensive weather data in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

In our testing, the app performed well, and the widgets seamlessly complemented various home screen themes.

However, the subscription pricing is a drawback. While the main app offers an array of features, including radar data, the subscription model transforms it into a fully-fledged weather app.

While not necessary for widget use, the inability to redirect the widget to another weather app may be perceived as a drawback, resembling a slight bait-and-switch scenario.

Transparent Clock and Weather stands out for its customizable and visually appealing widgets, with a caveat being the subscription pricing that unlocks additional weather app features.

Despite this, the app and widgets remain a solid choice for those seeking transparent and well-designed clock and weather widgets for their home screen.

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8. Weather & Clock Widget

android weather & clock widget

Weather & Clock Widget is a widely recognized and robust clock and weather widget application, offering users a range of widget options with substantial customization features.

The app is not limited to its widget functionality; it also serves as a standalone weather app, providing users with daily, hourly, and 10-day forecasts, along with other essential weather data.

The variety of widgets available, coupled with deep customization options, makes this app a popular choice among users seeking a personalized and functional home screen.

Despite its versatility, some users have reported occasional difficulties with the weather app portion not updating itself promptly.

However, these issues are generally temporary and don’t overshadow the overall quality and performance of the widgets.

Weather & Clock Widget is renowned for its popularity and functionality, offering powerful clock and weather widgets with extensive customization possibilities.

While there might be occasional challenges with the weather app updates, the widgets themselves are considered seriously good, making this app a reliable choice for users looking for feature-rich and customizable clock and weather widgets for their Android home screen.

9. KWGT and KWLP

kwgt widgets

KWGT and KLWP stand out as two advanced customization apps for Android enthusiasts.

KWGT specializes in crafting custom widgets for your home screen, making it an ideal starting point for those venturing into deep customization.

With KWGT, users have the freedom to design custom widgets, incorporating any information they desire in the preferred format. Notably, it also includes weather information for added utility.

On the other hand, KLWP, while not a widget app, allows users to create custom live wallpapers featuring clocks, providing a similar effect.

Both apps offer free versions, and for those seeking enhanced features, premium versions are available for $4.49 each. A notable perk is that both apps are accessible for free with a Google Play Pass subscription.

KWGT and KLWP cater to users looking for hardcore customization options, allowing them to personalize their Android experience with custom widgets and live wallpapers.

Whether you prefer customizing your home screen with informative widgets or dynamic live wallpapers, these apps provide versatile tools to achieve your desired look and feel.

10. Maize Digital Clock Widget

Maize Digital Clock Widget

Digital Clock Widget by Maize is a straightforward yet efficient clock widget that caters to simplicity and effectiveness.

One notable feature is its support for widget resizing, allowing users to adjust its size according to their preferences.

The app offers ample color customization options, enabling users to personalize the widget to match their overall theme.

Additionally, the widget provides extra functionality by displaying the next alarm directly on the widget, adding a practical element to its design.

The app’s simplicity is a key highlight, as it seamlessly places a digital clock on the home screen without unnecessary complexities or dramatic features.

Being entirely free to use, the app is budget-friendly for users seeking a reliable clock widget without incurring any costs.

It supports dark mode, enhancing its adaptability to different preferences, and accommodates both 12-hour and 24-hour time standards.

Digital Clock Widget by Maize stands out for its simplicity, effectiveness, and user-friendly features, making it a suitable choice for those who value a no-fuss approach to displaying a digital clock on their home screen.

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In conclusion, whether you opt for feature-rich third-party apps or stick with the simplicity of OEM widgets, the Android ecosystem offers a diverse array of clock and weather widgets to suit varying preferences.

From highly customizable options like KWGT and KLWP to unique choices such as Sectograph, users have the flexibility to tailor their home screens to their liking.

Additionally, apps like 1Weather, Circle Clock, Digital Clock Widget by Maize, Transparent Clock and Weather, and Weather & Clock Widget provide a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Each app brings its own set of strengths, offering users the opportunity to find the perfect combination of visual appeal and practicality for their Android devices.

Ultimately, the choice of clock and weather widgets comes down to personal preference, with options available for both enthusiasts seeking intricate customization and users preferring a more straightforward and familiar experience.