Free Up iPhone Space By Deleting Data


October 9th, 2018   |   Updated on March 22nd, 2024

If you are a iPhone user and your phone storage is filled up with different stuffs like applications, images, important documents, videos and many more and its fine but the problem comes when your iPhone is full of waste materials that things you don’t need more and don’t have any space to save your important things.

And there is another data and documents present in your IOS device that filled up your iPhone storage device but most people don’t know about all these stuff

So if you are looking for easy methods to free up iPhone space and increase the performance of your iPhone device at high level,what you need to do is follow all my tricks that are given below

1. Delete Unused Apps

Delete Unused Apps

You are using iPhone and the best part of iPhone is storage your iPhone has more enough storage at start but with the passage of time you download lots of applications but most applications are never used.

But the size of all unused applications are very large like gaming apps. Nowadays most gaming application takes large storage. In this condition first you have to check your iPhone storage and delete all unused Apps.

Now go to your iPhone settings> General > storage and amp:iCloud > manage storage to find and delete those unused Apps from your iPhone.


2. Clear All Browser Data And Safari History

Clear All Browser Data And Safari History

Now technology is advanced even everything is advanced every person want to know about new things that’s why people use browsers and search on internet because of this your browsers save all your data and searches and its takes storage.

When you visited any webpage then your iPhone will store its data and you have to erase all history and web data from your iPhone device for this Go to settings> Safari> clear history and all website data.


3. Delete Everything from iPhone Completely

 Delete Everything from iPhone Completely

The thing that takes up the most space on a phone is the junk data, because your iPhone works all the time, So it will makes a lot of the junk data in the iPhone, including the text messages, contacts, videos, photos and notes,there is the plenty of chance that them takes up most of the iPhone space, to increase your iPhone storage then delete all the data from iPhone .

For this , you can install Safewiper for iOS software on your computer, he SafeWiper for iOS can find these junk data and delete them completely, It will provide some very simple steps to guide you how to delete them from iPhone.


4. Delete Voice Recording/Voice Memos

Delete Voice Recording/Voice Memos

It’s the habit of most people that they record all important things in iPhone devices for later use like important tips and tricks, meeting content and also some students record college, university lectures.

So there are a lots of recording save in your device but after specific time some recordings are totally waste for you and all these recordings takes storage of your iPhone so delete all your unused recordings or transfer them to your computer.


5. Clean Up Email Inbox

Clean Up Email Inbox

There is an app named as stock mail app. This app is built in for email, you can find there is lot of cache stored of this app.

You can check your email with the help of Google but if you are using this app then all your email messages are stored in your phone and it takes storage of your phone you have to clear cache and even delete email accounts that you are not using for this first open settings> Accounts and passwords> Click on Email Account> Delete unused account and confirm .



If you follow these tricks above to delete data from iPhone, your phone will get a lot of storage space, and you can you use SafeWiper software to delete everything for iPhone, which is a great data wipe tool for Smartphone, read its tutorial carefully before using it .

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