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10 General Knowledge Quiz All Girls hate

General Knowledge Quiz

Published on October 2nd, 2019

1. Who Is The Chairman Of The Recently Reconstituted Economic Advisory Council To The Prime Minister?

2. The Centre's Newly Instituted Highest Civilian Award Or Contribution To The Unity And Integrity Of India Is Named After:

3. Every Year, National Unity Day Is Celebrated In India On Which Day?

4. By Which Year, India Plans To Eradicate TB?

5. International Monetary Fund (IMF) Has Appointed Kristalina Georgieva As Its New Head. Identify Her Home Country From The Choices Given Below:

6. Knesset Is The Name Of The Parliament Of Which Country?

7. Identify The Two Indian States Which Have Agreed To Resolve Water Issues After 15 Years.

8. The Indian Duo Of Pankaj Advani And Aditya Mehta Has Won The IBSF World Snooker Team Title At Mandalay. What Country Is Mandalay In?

9. Prime Minister Narendra Mod Often Talks About 4Ds. 4Ds Stands For:

10. This City Was In The News For Opening The World's First Camel Hospital?

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