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Germans Ruthlessly Ridicule Donald Trump And Brexit At Annual Carnival

Donald Trump

Published on March 11th, 2017

Germans poke fun at Donald Trump, Brexit and their own leaders in the annual carnival. World leaders including Donald Trump and Theresa May have been mercilessly mocked at an annual carnival in Germany.

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The annual Dusseldorf carnival is usually a place for political satire. But this year they took it to another level. Political satire dominated the Düsseldorf parade, with the carnival floats taking aim at Trump’s controversial politics and Brexit. Here are some hilarious images from German Carnival take a look.

1. A float showing US president Donald Trump and the Statue of Liberty are seen at the Rose Monday carnival.

German Carnival


2. President Trump was satirized as an elephant in Mainz, another western city on the River Rhine

German Carnival

3. Brexit saw as suicide, UK Prime Minister Theresa May is lampooned in Duesseldorf

German Carnival

4. Britannia insults the EU float ahead of her in the procession in Mainz

German Carnival

5. The Duesseldorf parade puts today’s nationalists alongside Hitler and his Brownshirts

German Carnival


6. Chancellor Angela Merkel is shown as a mammoth in Duesseldorf – with rival Martin Schulz as a caveman threatening her

German Carnival

7. Mr. Schulz, the leader of the centre-left Social Democrats (SPD), is mocked as a puffed-up monster in Duesseldorf

German Carnival


8. Turkey’s President Erdogan appears to be accusing a clown

German Carnival

9. Trump attacks the Statue of Liberty


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Video: YouTube.com: Wochit News