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4 Tips On How To Get A Fit Body

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Published on October 31st, 2017

For anybody looking to get fit body ready, you’ll no doubt be paying special attention to this article. As you know, building a fit body is not easy, in fact, for many it can be a real nightmare. Anybody trying to get fit body ready will require a lot of patience, a lot of dedication, and of course, a lot of knowledge. Getting a great physique isn’t as easy as you may have thought, but it can be done. To help prove this to you, here are some tips on how to get a fit body, just like Kali Muscle or any other bodybuilder for that matter.

1. Embrace bodyweight exercises

If you’re serious about getting your body in top shape, you will need to embrace bodyweight exercises. Steve Cook, whom you are probably familiar with, has an incredibly physique. While he lifts weights nowadays, he still includes plenty of plyometrics and bodyweight exercises as part of his routine, and as you can see, it’s working well for him. With bodyweight exercises you can target different muscle groups, strengthen your core, get a workout in anywhere, and improve functional strength.

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2. Eat more protein

If you aren’t consuming at least 1g of protein for every pound that you weigh, you should make sure you eat more protein on a daily basis. Protein helps build new muscle tissue and restore damaged muscle tissue, which in turn will help you to recovery after a strenuous workout in the gym. Vary your protein and try to get plenty of meat, seafood, nuts, eggs, and protein supplements for convenience.


3. Follow a structured routine

For anybody who is looking to get fit body ready, a structured training routine is vital for many reasons. To begin with, without a routine you’re basically going into each training session blind as you will have no idea where to begin, and what to do. Remember, the key to a fit body is aesthetics, and if you want an aesthetic body you need to ensure you’re working all muscle groups equally. It’s no good performing bicep curls 5x per week, yet neglecting your triceps or deltoids as that would simply lead to your physique looking out of proportion and unsymmetrical. With a structured routine you can ensure all body parts get trained equally, plus you know what you’re doing before you step foot in the gym.

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4. Cut out the beer

Unfortunately, if you are a fan of a drink from time to time, if you’re committed to getting a fit body, the beer must be put on the side-line, or at least saved for special occasions. Beer, and alcohol in general, is not conducive for anybody looking to get fit body ready as alcoholic beverages are packed full of calories, and worse of all is that these calories are empty, so you get no real nutritional value from them. On top of that, alcohol also dehydrates you, which can affect athletic performance, and it can make you feel pretty awful as well, especially the day after drinking, which will affect your workouts and your motivation. If you wish to get a great physique, stick to good quality water instead.