5 Best Stag Do Getaway Destinations In Eastern Europe

Budapest, Hungary

December 22nd, 2018   |   Updated on December 24th, 2018

It should not come as a surprise to you that Eastern Europe is one of favourite parts of the world for best bachelor parties. Being a lot more affordable than Western counterpart, this part of Europe holds turbulent history marks and the most provocative nightlife with unstoppable party fever.

Millions of satisfied partygoers leave these lands with tales of week-long parties, magnificent cuisine and stunningly beautiful women.

We will cover some of the best destinations in Eastern Europe where you are guaranteed to have the fun of your life.

1. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, Romania

After harsh decades of a brutal communist regime, the Romanian capital city stormed out of ruins and created amazing opportunities for Bucharest stag do adventure. Bucharest nightlife holds amazing opportunities for bachelor crews and all other partygoers who seek the opportunity to visit best clubs in Bucharest while on budget-travel.

Party in Bucharest starts usually on Thursday and rarely finishes until morning hours of Monday. And it’s not only clubs that paint the picture of nightlife in Bucharest. There are also numerous pubs and bars where you can enjoy high-quality low priced drinks along with mouthwatering national cuisine.

This city serves as a perfect opportunity for all budget travellers and will also be an unforgettable experience for anyone planning to spend more on its trip. For all what is worth you will return for a wedding night with stories of extraordinary parties in Draculas lands that will live with you forever.


2. Riga, Latvia

Riga, Latvia

This breathtaking city situated in the middle of Baltic lands is undoubtedly the best one for stag do weekend in this area of Eastern Europe. Its shining condition will amaze you and remarkable Art Nouveau outlook of its architecture will make you think that everywhere you look is some panorama worth of postcard image.

With little more than half of million residents, this is a tightly packed party hub with dozens of clubs that you can cover all with one night of stay! Many wealthy visitors from cold lands of Europe like to spend their weekend there as well as hundreds of beautiful women looking for some of that Riga party fever.

One of the many great reasons why you should choose Riga except its amazing infrastructure is very affordable prices even in luxurious nightclubs. The land of more female models per capita then any other will surely be the right choice for every stag do party.


3. Krakow, Poland

 Krakow, Poland

Some of us will find the fact that Krakow has more pubs and bars per square meter then any other city, enough for an exceptional stag do weekend. Others need to know that Krakow is arguably the fastest growing clubbing mecca in all of Europe! Here you can find that Slavic party fever combined with its legendary hospitality to its absolute limits.

Any imaginable style and musical genre can be found in Krakow clubs that are scattered all across the city. All the stories you heard about the heavy partying and the beautiful Slavic women are not only true but you need to come and witness that phenomenon for yourself to understand completely.

This is a major university city where thousands of younger people resident eager for wild parties that never end until next week! Make no mistake, vibrant nightlife of Krakow will make you wish you can come back for some of that sweet-sweet time spent there forevermore.


4. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

One of few major cities of Eastern Europe that evaded the harsh conditions that came after the fall of the Iron Curtain is still thriving party stronghold.

Stag do weekends in Budapest reached legendary status in the past since Hungary was a buffer zone between political differences that stupidly divided many partygoers where anyone went for some fun regardless of its nationality for decades! Imagine the nightlife that can be found in such city that built its party conditions for more than 100 years and it is still evolving in many different ways.

Not so cheap as some other cities on this list but definitely coated with more liberal and unique party euphoria. You can dance all weekend to some of the most famous DJs in luxurious clubs along Danube river as well as enjoy stunning architectural achievements. Once you step on Budapest soil you will understand why this city beats as the heart of Europe both geographically and in terms of partying!


5. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Do not tell any Prague resident that Amsterdam is the “Sin capital of Europe” since they will fiercely defend their claim! No other city in this part of Europe breaths with more liberalism and different ways to enjoy the nightlife. Stag do parties in Prague were subject of many movies in the past and all for great reason.

Czech capital was a pioneer in many ways Europeans like to lose their minds. This is also beer capital of Europe with of course many opportunities to visit some of those famous breweries. That and the fact that Prague has 2th largest party hub in Europe can be just enough for an unforgettable bachelor party. The city is still the capital of Gothic and Renaissance architecture that miraculously evaded terror of wars in the last century in Europe.

Everywhere you look you will be greeted with goal-coated buildings and bridges that resemble glorious past of Tsars that ruled over these lands. Today, Prague is ruled by party hungry visitors and nothing is more important then you final satisfaction that you will bring with yourself home to tell the tale of best party you ever had.